Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Oops, touched a nerve perhaps?

Oh dear. It seems this column might have upset some of those lovely, charming and utterly adorable Celtic fans.

By Ian O'Doherty, Irish Idependent

You may recall that ISpy wrote last week about 'jokes' posted on a Celtic message board celebrating the murder of two soldiers in the North.

Well, apparently, you're not allowed to point out that maybe these brave Celts would like to share some of those jokes with the dead soldiers' army colleagues.

This prompted a barrage of support from Celtic fans who were embarrassed that fellow fans would engage in such cowardly actions and they wanted to express how sorry they were about the whole affair.

Actually, that's not true. They went mental

A sample of the correspondence: "Here fatboy if you hate Celtic fans so much why don't you take a trip over Glasgow on matchdays and tell us to our faces.Donj't just site there behind your crumbfilled keyboard at that filthy fascist rag spouting like hardman,you know where our ground is,get your big fat shitey arse over."

Obviously, this column isn't worthy of cleaning up such wonderful copy, so we printed it as it arrived.

Thank you, mattynor@yahoo.co.uk for sharing your thoughts with the nation; you really are a testament to the club you support.
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