Monday, October 27, 2008

Celtic bigots target Scotland star

FOOTBALLERS can enjoy their holidays even when they have been booed off the park at the end of the season.

Neil McCann endured some indifferent form throughout last season before being jeered each time he touched the ball in his final outing before the summer break. But a Rangers player appearing in Dublin knows to expect catcalls.

Perversely, the satisfaction he took from his holiday in Tenerife was enriched by the events at Lansdowne Road.

When Scotland won 2-1 there in May the Republic of Ireland support - many wearing Celtic tops - singled out McCann for particular abuse, although Billy Dodds and Barry Ferguson were also identified.

There was a sectarian undertone to the hounding of McCann, a Scottish Catholic and supposed "Celtic man" employed by Rangers, but it did not have the desired effect on his game. His performance was the most impressive of the Rangers trio that night and his best in a Scotland shirt since a previous win in another country's capital, at Wembley six months earlier.

Yet London and Dublin were flattering, misleading representations of his form over the course of last season. He had much to live up to after his first half-season at Rangers, when he arrived in December, 1998, and went on to score twice in the decisive 3-0 championship victory at Parkhead the following May, but his contribution throughout Dick Advocaat's second league-winning campaign was patchy. He was never sure of a place in the starting XI and, although their styles differ enormously, was under pressure from the goalscoring exploits of Jorg Albertz from the left side of the Rangers midfield. Confidence slipped away.

"Last season there was a wee dip in my form," he admitted last week in Holland during Rangers' pre-season tour. "I never doubted my ability, but sometimes the confidence was not there. You end up not trying things that you would when you're flying and that's frustrating for a winger."

He is arguably more central to his international side's plans than his club's, but McCann is relaxed about the likelihood of returning to prominence at Ibrox. There is a gallus streak in the former Port Glasgow boy whose precocious flamboyance in training as a teenager at Dundee sometimes irritated older, but less gifted team-mates.

He has discovered that a degree of arrogance is central to emerging from the mass of talented alternatives at Rangers.

"There has to be an element of arrogance. I would be lying if I said I didn't have that. I was always told when I was a youngster that I was that way inclined: a little bit cocky and arrogant. When I was coming through the ranks at 16 with Dundee you can imagine what I got called sometimes.

"If you come into the game as a young guy you need added determination and arrogance. A bit of that, going hand in hand with hard work, is the only way to get on here."

Billy Dodds, who is five-and-a-half years older than McCann, but also spent time at Dundee early in his career, has followed a similar route.

"We come from the same kind of working-class backgrounds," said McCann. "We have had to work for what we want."

He had intended to mentally shut himself off from football during his holiday, but found it impossible as thoughts drifted towards the coming season and the seven new signings made by Advocaat. "I am very determined this year because I know how difficult it's going to be to win a place in the side, as you can see with the boss bringing in more players."

None of the new arrivals offer direct competition to McCann on the left wing, although Allan Johnston can be used there. Wingers can follow circuitous routes to reach their destination, but it has taken four years, via Hearts, Rennes, Sunderland, Birmingham and Bolton, for the pair to come together. McCann was signed by Hearts for #200,000 in the summer of 1996 to replace Johnston, who had left on a Bosman for Rennes.

At the time Johnston was the more senior, established talent, but four years on the roles have been reversed. In his first season at Rangers "Magic" must ensure he does not disappear into the reserves as a victim of Andrei Kanchelskis, who has been impressive in his pre- season appearances so far.

McCann is entitled to harbour broader ambitions. "I want to be a success and play at the highest level," he said. "First of all get into the Rangers team and win everything. And I want Scotland to be in a major championship and be a part of that. I have a lot of targets."

In achieving them, he is almost certainly guaranteed to generate further jeers from supporters in Celtic tops.

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Celtic Death threats against Irishman

NORTHERN Ireland striker David Healy has told of his shock and disbelief after death threats against him were posted on a website.

The threats followed comments he made last week after the World Cup qualifying win over San Marino, when he said he was glad his "goal famine" was over.

This was interpreted as being sectarian by people posting messages on internet site YouTube.

It is understood the remarks were being seen as a reference to a Rangers fans' sectarian chant to Celtic fans at Old Firm matches, titled 'The famine is over, why don't you go home?'.

In the interview Healy said: "I am pleased the famine or the drought or whatever people would call it is over. I am pleased with the score sheet and pleased that we won."

At the time of the interview, Healy was getting back on track after three games without a goal.

In the build-up to the international game he had been taken to task in the media about a perceived lack of goals in World Cup qualifiers.

His remarks also follow on from former Secretary of State for Northern Ireland John Reid, a Celtic fan, saying the song sung by Rangers fans was racist and sectarian.

Rangers subsequently told their fans not to sing it.

But it appears one of the fans posted it on the internet claiming it was some sort of support from Healy.

In a statement issued yesterday, Healy said he was "shocked and angry" at the entire affair.

"I was asked the question if I was pleased we had scored and we had won.
"I made reference to famine and people have maliciously represented those comments. I am hugely disappointed in this. I am very angry.

"I am shocked and angry that my post-match comments have been twisted and misquoted in this way. They have been taken so completely out of context it would be laughable if it wasn't so offensive. I have asked my agent to request that UTV have their footage removed from YouTube, as the comments posted on this site are attempting to maliciously link me to this vile and offensive song.

"I am the innocent party. Any real football fan will see that there is absolutely no connection between my football-related comments and this song.

"Really I am hugely disappointed that anyone could even try to make a link. It makes you think is it really worth doing these interviews if this is where it gets you?"

Speaking last night on UTV Healy added: "I am usually one who brushes a few things off and am pretty cool about things, but I am very angry."
In recent months Healy was also at the centre of a storm when, in a warm-up game against Celtic, he pretended to play the flute. He subsequently apologised.

He says he hopes fans will understand and that he meant nothing sinister by the comments made after the international game.

"Hopefully that is the end of it," he said. "I don't want to be lifting papers and reading things people are saying about me.

"I was asked an honest question and I answered honestly. That is where I am at this moment."

Celtic fans threaten life of Fulham player

HATE is a dangerous emotion.
It leads to division and conflict.

All over the globe there are daily examples of hatred spilling over into violence.

In the Middle East, there is hatred between Israel and Palestine, in India we have seen Christians murdered because of hatred of their beliefs.

Our own country is far from immune.

Here hatred between rival football fans and Catholics and Protestants is growing to alarming proportions.

Northern Ireland striker David Healy has received death threats because, in a post-match interview, he said he had ended his “goal famine”.

Writers on message boards accusing him of endorsing Rangers fans’ Famine Song because he had used the word.

Things have clearly gone way too far.

Football message boards for Celtic are filled with hate and bile directed at their rivals.

Sadly, we are now witnessing these words spilling over into acts of violence and vandalism against the staff of both clubs.

The hate is peddled on a daily basis but a blind eye is turned to it.

What was once considered to be the rantings of a misguided few is now becoming increasingly mainstream.

As the hate flows, the mob mentality takes over.

So much energy is wasted in pointless tirades.

The moderators of these message boards could go a long way to solving the problem by actively removing the offending posts.

Rivalry is healthy and a necessary part of sport.

Hatred has no place in sport or a civilised society.

Celtic fans sectarian shame

A Celtic fan was arrested on the night of the Uefa Cup final for wearing a T-shirt that predicted Zenit St Petersburg's win over Rangers, a court heard yesterday.

Michael Devlin was spotted wearing the top, which had the words "dirty horrible huns" scrawled across the back, just minutes after the game in Manchester.

The top also had "Zenit St Petersburg, Champions Uefa Cup Final 2008" printed on the front. The 20-year-old was walking along Glasgow's Hillington Road South with friends when two police officers noticed the T-shirt and stopped him.

Sheriff Iain Peebles told Devlin: "This was an act of gross crassness and stupidity taking into account the timing and the place you were when wearing the T-shirt."

At Glasgow Sheriff Court, Devlin, of Gleddoch Road, Glasgow, was convicted of committing a religiously aggravated breach of the peace on May 14 this year.

The court heard that Devlin had been watching the game in a house with friends when the group decided to go out and get a takeaway at the end of the match.

Constable Andrew Gunn told the court he and his colleague were out on another call when they spotted the Celtic fan with a crowd of youths at around 10.10pm.

Mr Gunn said: "I informed him that the T-shirt was offensive and told him to take it off. He had a Celtic top on underneath. There were members of the public there and Rangers fans were walking along Paisley Road West nearby.

"There were no other difficulties, just that he was wearing that T-shirt."

Defence lawyer Bob Mackinnon told the court that the top was just a bit of "Glasgow banter".

He said: "From school to university to working life, almost everyone in Glasgow is affected by this divide and will get on the case of their friends and colleagues."

However, Sheriff Peebles told the court his decision was based purely on law. He deferred sentencing on Devlin until October next year for him to be of good behaviour.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Celtic player in sectarian shame

from Ted McMinn autobiography
"out of the corner of my eye I saw Willie coming at me like a raging bull. There was no way he was going to stop. As his two feet left the ground I saw a gap between his legs as wide as the Clyde and poked the ball through it.

Willie clattered into me, scissoring my legs with his own and I was thrown into the air like a rodeo rider. I landed in a heap on the other side and immediately clutched my leg. As I lay there in the mud, Willie added insult to injury by putting his face next to mine and calling me a dirty orange bastard"

For the record Willie McStay is still employed by Celtic today

8 Celtic fans arrested in Manchester
"Very disappointing to see 6 arrests made out of the very small number of Celtic fans. In fact, I believe that this signifies a larger proportion of arrests per total fans than was the case for the so-called Rangers "riot". Police had to seperate Man U and Celtic fans, and we again had the distasteful episode of Celtic fans singing songs in support of the IRA in the 83rd minute of the match. Very disappointing indeed. Also rather surprised by the Match Commander praising Celtic fans " ... braved the night in a windy and wet Manchester ..." Was he there? Doesn't speak much of the GMP when they don't know if it's raining or not. And that they don't care if visiting fans sing pro-IRA songs in a city where people were killed by their bombs.”

Celtic fans arrested for racism after Manchester United match
Published Date: 23 October 2008
Two Celtic football fans were arrested at Preston Railway Station on suspicion of assaulting and racially abusing another passenger, the day after their club's defeat at Manchester United.
The British Transport Police arrested the two Celtic FC supporters, at Preston Railway Station at 9.40pm on Wednesday, after the pair had travelled from Blackpool.

One man believed to be around the age of 30 has been released on bail and the second - also in his 30s - remains in custody.

Celtic lost 3-0 to Manchester United at Old Trafford in the Champions League on Tuesday night.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Celtic photographer admits indecency
A photographer with Celtic Football Club has admitted a charge of indecency against boys aged as young as 10.
Glasgow Sheriff Court heard that pictures taken of young boys were hidden in a store room at Celtic Park for nearly 20 years by John Cullen.

The photographs were found by cleaners who reported the discovery to their bosses - who then called the police.

Cullen, 49, pleaded guilty to a charge of lewd and libidinous behaviour. He will be sentenced next month.

Black bag

The court heard on Friday that in May 2002, cleaners were clearing out a store room at the club where Cullen kept his camera equipment.

They found a black bag and opened it to check if it was rubbish.

But the staff found bundles of black and white pictures of young boys who were either nude or semi-nude.

They reported the find to management and the police were called in.

Cullen, of Shawbridge Street, Pollokshaws, Glasgow, was questioned about the 250 pictures.

He admitted inviting the children to a house in Glasgow between January and December 1982 before getting them to pose for the camera.

Official magazine

The pictures were then locked away in his Celtic Park store room for years.

Cullen first appeared in court last October, but the case was repeatedly adjourned to try and identify the youths.

Despite the help of Scotland Yard's special paedophile unit, their identities were never discovered.

Liz Ramsey, prosecuting, said it was agreed the boys who were photographed were aged between 10 and 13.

Cullen, who worked for the official club magazine Celtic View, was dismissed from Celtic Park in June 2002 after nearly 30 years.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008



BIGOTED yobs who trashed the cars of Rangers ace Allan McGregor and his fiancĂ©e were branded “moronic idiots” by the star’s pals last night — after they MISSPELLED their taunts.

The vandals tried to scratch ‘Holy Goalie’, nickname of McGregor’s Celtic rival Artur Boruc, into the bonnet of the keeper’s Bentley — but ended up with “HOLLY GOALY”.

The illiterate neds attacked two cars parked outside the home McGregor shares with wife-to-be Leah Shevlin in Glasgow’s posh West End.

They keyed ‘IRA’ into the paintwork on Leah’s deluxe Range Rover Sport — bought for her by McGregor under two months ago.

And they covered McGregor’s 200mph Bentley with MORE illegible ramblings — causing thousands of pounds worth of damage to both cars.

But last night a pal of the Rangers ace said: “The people responsible are morons. It’s a sad sign of the times that playing for the Old Firm means that your property is at risk like this.

“But the fact these idiots couldn’t even spell the word ‘Holy’ says it all really.”

It is the THIRD time vandals have targeted keeper McGregor’s super-car, which he only bought in February this year.

Last night cops and Rangers bosses were probing the latest incident. Ibrox security supremo Kenny Scott said: “It’s an act of vandalism and we reported the matter to the police.”

Forensic teams studied the damage on the two cars and dusted for fingerprints. And uniformed officers were carrying out door to door enquires in the leafy Kelvingrove neighbourhood in a bid to catch the vandals. Cops also quizzed the playboy Gers keeper at his apartment.

The cars were hit after McGregor appeared in his side’s shock 1-0 defeat away to St Mirren on Sunday. The attack came just hours after it was reported McGregor and Leah were at war with their neighbours over her wild partying and an alleged unpaid £3,000 garden bill.

It follows another attack on the keeper’s Bentley in March — when yobs poured BRAKE FLUID on it and wrecked the paintwork. The louts also spray-painted DUFC — short for Dundee United Football Club — across the bonnet.

It is thought the car was hit DURING the CIS Cup Final at Hampden while McGregor was inside the national stadium helping his side to a penalty shoot-out victory over the Tangerines.

Then last month the motor was attacked again, with flour bombs, as McGregor made his way to a game at Ibrox.

McGregor bought the 4x4 for Leah in August. Last night a spokeswoman for anti-sectarian organisation Nil by Mouth said the group could not comment because of the ongoing police investigation.

A Strathclyde Police spokesman confirmed: “We have received a report of vandalism to both cars and enquiries are continuing.”

McGregor is not the only Old Firm star to have been targeted in recent times. Gers’ Spanish ace Nacho Novo, 29, had to call in extra protection last month after yobs put his home address on a Celtic fans’ website. A wild west ‘Wanted’ poster was also circulated on the net.

In 2004, Novo’s BMW convertible had its tyres slashed.

Earlier that year, ex-Ibrox ace Mikel Arteta’s £85,000 Porsche was badly damaged when three neds launched a Basil Fawlty-style attack with a tree sapling.

In February 2002, Gers striker Tore Andre Flo’s BMW was attacked and scratched with the words “Celtic FC Number One” the day after an Old Firm game. In 2003 cars belonging to Rangers stars, first team coach Jan Wouters and doctor Gert Jan Goudeswaard were pelted with ROCKS in Cambuslang, Glasgow.

In February this year, serial thief James Hughes was jailed for four years and four months after going on an Old-Firm themed rampage, netting goods worth £75,000.

In March Hoops boss Gordon Strachan’s luxury home in Bothwell, Lanarkshire was burgled — while he and his wife slept.

McGregor was unavailable for comment last night.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Sweeping Since 1888

Please visit for more on Scotland's shame

Evil Celtic fans send Spaniard death threats

Nacho Novo has revealed how life as a Rangers hero in the most hateful world of Old Firm football means he now regularly suffers vile death threats, as well as vandalism and intimidation from Celtic supporters.

The Ibrox striker said that before and during every meeting between the two clubs, he is the subject of sick mail and has his property and car damaged by fanatics.

The revelation from Novo comes in the wake of a police investigation that was launched after the Spaniard's home address was posted menacingly on a Celtic fans' website shortly after he helped Rangers win the first Glasgow derby of the season 4-2 at Parkhead.

There was controversy following the match, when Celtic first team coach Neil Lennon was assaulted in Glasgow's west end hours after the final whistle.

Abuse of footballers has been a hot topic after the racist taunts dished out to England's Emile Heskey in Croatia last month and, this week, Portsmouth made an official complaint about the conduct of Spurs fans who mercilessly baited Sol Campbell last Sunday at Fratton Park.

But in Novo's case - and that of Lennon, who was also the subject of abuse in his playing days - extremists on both sides of the Glasgow divide have depressingly been able to take local hostilities too far into the private lives of stars away from the field of play.

When speaking about life as a Rangers player amid a religious rivalry, Novo said 'Things have changed because players from other countries keep coming to the Old Firm and bringing completely different cultures with them'.

'But rivalry between the two teams remains something more than sporting'.

'I have even recieved death threats this year. I have seen on YouTube there is a video with a guy singing with his guitar that he hoped that I die. That kind of thing has an impact on you'.

'In the four years i've been here, I have been through everything. Every time I face Celtic, the tyres in my car are punctured, the windows in my house are broken and I have been sent threatening letters. It is a pretty disagreeable situation'.

Despite working under these conditions, Novo - who has signing talks with Celtic before opting to join Alex McLeish's Rangers in 2004 - admits he loves playing football in such an intense and demanding environment. And, unlike his strike partner Kenny Miller, he insisted he would never end up playing on the opposite side of the city at any stage in his career.

'Rangers have treated me so well, the fans have become like a family to me', said Novo, speaking in a Spanish football magazine interview. 'No matter how much money was put in front of me, I would never sign for Celtic'.

'You can't understand unless you are here to live and see it. The rivalry and intensity is something I have never seen in my life and I think it's the greatest thing any football can be a part of. It's my opinion that of all the derby matches in the world, this is the best by a long way'.

'When you are on the pitch, the noise of the two supports screaming so loudly means that, when a player next to you speaks, you cannot hear him and it is totally impossible to hear the coach's instructions'.

'The atmosphere in the city for a week before the game transmits directly into the dressing room such that you have to play, you are desperate to be chosen and you can't wait until kick-off'

Novo, whose side head for Love Street this afternoon hoping that victory over St Mirren will keep them in front of Celtic in the title race, believes he will have the last laugh over his Celtic tormentors.

He said 'Pedro Mendes has hugely improved our play and it's great to have Steven Davis back. I think we have a title-winning squad. Losing against Kaunas was hard to take but now we are using it as a spur to win the Treble'.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Another Lie from Celtic fans

Celtic fans have claimed to be making a protest against ticket prices - well as many people know it's a lie to his the fact that they have a poor traveling support and heres the proof

credit to baileysforme & Orangepeel1872 for the details

Rangers attendances at away SPL fixtures (excluding games at Parkhead v Celtic) season 07/08

7711 v Inverness
11544 v Kilmarnock
15948 v Hearts
10009 v Motherwell
12129 v Dundee Utd
6627 v Falkirk
17798 v Aberdeen
16217 v Hibs
6137 v Gretna
7753 v Inverness
10546 v Kilmarnock
16173 v Hearts
11214 v Dundee Utd
16872 v Hibs
10445 v Motherwell
7439 v St Mirren
17509 v Aberdeen

Total: 195131

Celtic attendances at away SPL fixtures (excluding games at Ibrox v Rangers) season 07/08

6329 v Falkirk
16232 v Aberdeen
7840 v St Mirren
16125 v Hibs
6011 v Gretna
8260 v Kilmarnock
16454 v Hearts
7004 v Inverness
12357 v Dundee Utd
6803 v Falkirk
14651 v Aberdeen
7213 v St Mirren
15735 v Hibs
3561 v Gretna
9771 v Motherwell
9158 v Motherwell
13613 v Dundee Utd

Total: 177117

For me it’s all about support. Sustained support. Not peaks and troughs, dips and rises depending on success rate at a given time, I’m talking about the big picture, the overall scenario.

Allow me to put forward comparisons on support for both clubs, based on that old enemy of the Yahoo – FACTS. Where better to start than with a comparison of attendances at both clubs pre-season friendlies over the last fortnight.

Saturday 16th July 2005 Rangers take 11,000 fans to Belfast v. Linfield (Source: Belfast Telegraph). Celtic take 4,000 to Fulham (Source: The Sun).

Tuesday 19th July 2005 Rangers take 6500 to Ipswich (Source: Daily Record).

Thursday 21st July 2005 Celtic at home to Sporting Lisbon. Crowd 30,000 (Source: Daily Record) for a game that was FREE to season ticket holders.

Saturday 23rd July 2005 Rangers at home to Borussia Monchengladbach crowd 30, 700 (Source: Sunday Herald). Tickets £17.00

Sunday 24th July 2005 Celtic at home to Leeds United crowd 13,000 (Source:The Sun). Tickets £16.00.

TGFITW? Don’t make me laugh.

Talking of pre-season friendlies brings me nicely to Peter Lawell’s ridiculous assertion when interviewed at Glasgow Airport last summer that “Sellick have a million fans in North America”. That was the same Sellick who played Chelsea a few days later at the 70,000 capacity Seattle Seahawks Stadium in front of 30,504 “bemused locals” and who subsequently played Liverpool in front of a crowd of 24,271 at Rentschler Field (capacity 40,000). The same Sellick who chose NOT to go to North America this summer. Their million fans must have been so disappointed.

Lawell is another in a long line of Yahoos who is happy to perpetuate the myth than anyone who has ever stood on a four-leaf-clover is a dyed in the wool Sellick fan, whilst conveniently forgetting that the majority of so-called “Irish Americans” are in fact Protestants of Ulster-Scots descent (Source: USA National Opinion Research Center).

Then there’s their “massive” support in the Irish Republic. In the summer of 2002, they played two friendlies in the ROI. 7400 was the total attendance for BOTH matches, including fans of the home teams. A week later Manchester United played to a full house and Rangers played Linfield at Windsor Park, again to a full house. Oops, Timmy’s been caught out again!
It could also be mentioned that over 8,000 Rangers fans turned up at Murray Park for a training day 4th August 2004 (Source: Daily Record).

What about the on the domestic front? Yep, The Theatre Of Shame has had bigger average crowds than at Ibrox in recent seasons. In fact the figure is around 9,000 more. By strange coincidence their stadium holds around 9,000 more! No surprise there then eh? (Talking of stadiums, will they EVER attain the UEFA five-star status the vastly superior Ibrox has held for years now?)

Has that always been the case? Not at all. Let’s look again at Timmy’s enemy. FACTS. Now I could go on all day printing these but I’ll just give a few examples taken from season where they out-performed us to prove my point:

Season 1983/84: Celtic (2nd in league) average 18,390. Rangers (4th in league) average 21,995. (Source: SFA)

Season 85/86: Our worst season in 80 odd years, 5th in the League and knocked out of both Cups. Meanwhile, Celtic won the League on the last day of the season. However, we still averaged 25419 to their 24012. (Source: Evening Times May 1986). Take away Old Firm matches and the difference would be even greater as they had a far bigger ground capacity than us at that time.

Season 87/88: Celtic won the league. Rangers were third. Their average home league attendance was 33,199. Ours was 38,568. (Source SFA).

Want to go a little further back? Bob Crampsey (former season ticket holder at The Glitter Stadium) said this in the Evening Times of 14th March 2001 “I confirm that the list of attendances you submit for Celtic Park in the period 1958-64 (too numerous to reproduce here) are accurate and, indeed, crowds at Parkhead hovered around the 7000 mark for run-of-the-mill matches." In other words, 7,000 was their usual attendance.

Indeed throughout history The Rangers have ALWAYS had a larger following than Celtic. Lest we forget season 1993/94 when their average crowd was a paltry 22,759 (Rangers averaged 43358). Does anyone have any idea where the additional 36,000 “faithful” followers have come from? And where were they in 1994?

Which again brings me conveniently to another Yahoo myth. I doubt if there's any of us who haven't been subjected to the lie "Yeez only hud two fousand furra gemme against Partick Fistle...."

The game in question was played on Wednesday 23rd May 1979, a rescheduled match which had been cancelled due to snow at New Year. Why was the crowd so low you may ask? Well, two days earlier on the Monday night we had been beaten 4-2 by Nonce FC in the game that clinched the league for them. Whilst not making excuses, the Thistle game was totally meaningless.

Here's the crux of the matter. The attendance at the game was actually 6,087. This figure is recorded in official Scottish League records. The 2,000 figure came from a Daily Record estimate (it would seem even in those days the Record was prepared to tell lies about our club). Willie Waddell, was moved to issue a statement that rubbished the quoted attendance, and declared the number to have been "nearer 10,000 than 2,000." Incidentally, Rangers won 1-0 thanks to a Derek Johnstone goal. (Source: Scotsman Saturday 21st August 2004). It should also be noted that Ibrox was undergoing massive redevelopment at the time.

By comparison 4,956 turned out for a Nonce FC home match against Dundee on 24 April 1984 (Scottish League Records). So the next time the yahoo in your life starts spouting his lies, be sure to quote him the FACTS and watch him squirm.

And now for the Greatest Yahoo Lie Of Them All. “We had 80,000 in Seville”. Isn’t it amazing how this figure, plucked from the air, has become accepted by the underclass and their press apologists? I even heard Alan Brazil tell us live on Talk Radio that there were 120,000 reptiles in Seville! That bhoy has obviously had an experience that’s damaged him psychologically. Back to Timmy’s Achilles heal. FACTS. The Chief of police in Seville estimated the figure at 45-55,000. The official UEFA figure was given as 58,000. Ach well, let’s add on a wee bit just to make it sound good. Why let 20-odd thousand get in the way of another good Yahoo lie? Their need to be loved shows them for the inadequate’s they undoubtedly are. They are not normal people.

More sicko Celtic fans

By Jerry Lawton

SOCCER sickos are running an internet sweep on when troubled Paul Gascoigne will die.

Celtic fans have blitzed a website with bets on how and when the ex-Rangers star will pass away.

The Gazza Death Sweepstake was launched after the England soccer legend – who is battling booze addiction and depression – was pictured hammering on a pub door desperate for an early morning drink.

He was arrested after brawling with a photographer and cautioned for criminal damage after smashing a fan’s mobile phone.

Hours later sick bloggers opened an internet book on Celtic fans’ forum The Huddleboard on how long the 41-year-old former Spurs, Newcastle and Everton star will last.

One member Benedicts11 – who has made over 5,000 postings – sneered: “I’ll give him three months.’’ Another called Marty Bhoy added: “I’ll go for nine months.’’

While Stevo1888 said: “Two hours.’’ One twisted punter – who uses the name Ayrshire CSC – wrote: “On the Queen’s birthday. They can both go. What a day!”

Another, calling himself Linkboy, said: “Is it too much to ask for Thatcher on the same day?’’

Last night a pal of Gazza’s said: “It’s just unbelievable people would do this.

He has been through a really difficult time as everyone knows and this is like kicking him when he’s down.

“Paul needs support right now – not sick b*****ds trying to drive him to an early grave. They should all rot in hell.’’

Yesterday we revealed how a sick Dutch-based website was urging net surfers to predict when cancer-stricken Jade Goody will die.

The 27-year-old Big Brother star is recovering from major surgery and facing 12 months of chemotherapy after contracting cervical cancer.

The winner of the vile website’s contest is promised an Apple iPhone worth up to £500. Last night internet watchdogs were probing the Gazza death site.

A source said: “Complaints have been received regarding the website and moves made to investigate the content of certain posts.

“However it is extremely difficult as the site appears to be a ‘closed shop’ only available to members.

“It seems it is currently closed to new registrations so anyone attempting to sign up and read what is being said finds themselves unable to do so.’
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