Thursday, June 12, 2008

Celtic fans' forum response to evil soldier jibes

Seems that the moderators of the Celtic fans forum ( are proud and happy for the supporters of their football team to continue with the sick tirades from the evil and twisted fans on their website against the Scottish & British soldiers who gave their life to protect them.
Below is an what was posted in response to the article in today's Scottish Sun.

To add insult they have added "Justice for the 96" at the bottom if reference to the 96 Liverpool fans who tragically lost their lives at the Hillsborough disaster. Many Liverpudlians have also lost their lives protecting their country, a sad fact that seems lost on the poorly educated Celtic support on the Huddle Board.

Celtic fans mock dead Scots soldier

The Sun 12/6/08

Friday, June 6, 2008

More Racist shame from Celtic Fans

Martin Kelner
The Guardian, Monday August 29 2005

"It was the search for televised cricket that took me into the Porter Bar in suburban Edinburgh on a Saturday lunchtime, and possibly the funniest incident I have witnessed while watching broadcast sport.

The Celtic v Rangers match was on, playing to an audience of enthusiastic Celtic fans, one of whom took to jumping on the table and jabbing the screen with his finger at any outrage he felt the Rangers players had committed, accompanied by imprecations containing our two best known four-letter words, used as verb, noun, adjective, and adverb.

Thus Rodriguez was dubbed "a little f***ing Dago bastard f**k," and worse; Prso was told to "get the f**k away back to Croatia and feed your f***ing family," and various other players in blue were given similar treatment, with the choleric fan showing an almost uncanny knowledge of their provenance, and the appropriate racial slur for the occasion.

This continued unabated until the referee booked Celtic's Senegalese defender Camara, at which the fan leapt up and spluttered at the referee, utterly without irony: "Get away to f**k, you wee racist c**t.""

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Celtic fan stabs fellow Celtic fan in Seville

Published Date: 21 May 2003

A 38-YEAR-OLD Edinburgh man is expected to appear in court in Spain today charged with stabbing a fellow Celtic supporter on the eve of the club’s Uefa Cup final match against Porto.
The man, who has not been named, is reported to have attacked his victim near an Irish bar popular with visiting supporters.

The 23-year-old victim, was eating dinner with friends near Seville’s 15th century cathedral when the knifeman struck.

He was taken to hospital after the stabbing where he was being treated for cuts to his arm and neck last night.

In a separate incident another Celtic fan was due to appear in court after wrecking his hotel room in the Novotel Hotel in Seville after a drinking binge. The 41-year-old man was said to have caused serious damage.

However, both incidents have been seen as relatively minor as tens of thousands of Celtic supporters descend on Seville to soak up the sunshine and atmosphere in the build up to their side’s first European final for 33 years.

Spanish authorities have been preparing for the mass influx of supporters for tonight’s match against Porto and it has been estimated that as many as 55,000 Celtic supporters will be in Spain, with or without tickets or accommodation.

The exodus of Celtic fans by air is continuing unabated today as it emerged thousands of fans were catching last-minute flights to Spain for tonight’s match.

More than 40 flights are scheduled to leave Glasgow and Prestwick airports carrying around 18,000 supporters to Seville in time for tonight’s game.

Most fans are expected to fly back tomorrow following Celtic’s clash with Portuguese giants Porto at the city’s Olimpico Stadium.

British Airports Authority spokesman Malcolm Robertson said there had been a steady flow of fans at what is already a busy time of year for the airport. He said: "Tomorrow we have 65 flights coming back with supporters. Most of the people who have flown out in the past few days will be coming back at the same time.

"It could be our busiest day of the year as we have an estimated 30,000 people coming through Glasgow Airport."

The British Consul in Andalucia, Bruce McIntyre, said today he was confident the authorities would cope with the influx "I attended a meeting last night and the whole system of securing and policing the event seemed pretty well sewn up, so I’m hopeful that everything will go off without any problems."

"The fans have to do what they can and they will probably spend most of the night in the bars or in the park," he said.

Tickets for the game have been changing hands for hundreds of pounds - although officials have warned fans that they could be buying fakes. There are said to be 700 forged tickets in circulation Mr McIntyre added: "I hope they will be moderate in their partying, Seville is a fairly welcoming place but they won't take too kindly to anyone causing fights or that sort of thing."

Uefa and the Spanish police have also issued a warning to fans not to attempt to buy a ticket at this late stage, as it is likely to be a forgery. "Don't waste your money buying your tickets from touts," said the Consul. "You'll lose your money and you will not be allowed into the stadium."

In Glasgow, extra police officers are being drafted in to cope with the thousands of fans expected to crowd into pubs and clubs on Wednesday night.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Celtic fans in court over brawl

Sep 1 2007 by Gareth Deighan, Evening Chronicle

DRUNK Celtic fans who caused trouble prior to Alan Shearer’s testimonial game have been spared jail.
Gary Taylor, 24, and Robert McKernon, 40, appeared at Newcastle Crown Court yesterday charged with affray on May 11 last year.
The court heard the pair were with a group of Celtic supporters in the City Vaults bar in the centre of Newcastle and had been drinking all day.
James Adkin prosecuting said the fans were “becoming more and more boisterous” and one of them somersaulted off the stage.
He said one of the men was ejected by a doorman. When the doorman returned he was confronted by a group of angry supporters, one of whom was holding a bottle. The doorman was set upon and assaulted.
Other doormen from the bars in the Bigg Market came to his aid and he was eventually taken to Newcastle General Hospital.
The court heard both Taylor, of Ardrossan, in Scotland, and McKernon had been arrested and were clearly in drink.
Carl Gumsley, defending, said: “It’s clear that part of the group of idiots were acting idiotic.”
He went on to say that Robert McKernon, of Corrie Crescent, Salt Coats, in Scotland, had received a broken eye socket in the melee and “lessons had been learned”.
Sentencing the pair to nine months each, suspended for one year, Judge Esmond Faulks said the men had had far too much to drink.
He said: “One of the doormen was struck on the head with a bottle or bottles and suffered a number of other injuries.”
Both men were also asked to pay £500 costs and given football banning orders in England and Wales.
McKernon was asked to pay £1,000 compensation to the doorman and Taylor £500.
Thousands of Celtic fans travelled to the city to watch the match which attracted a 52,000-strong crowd to bid an emotional farewell to the Magpies hero on May 11 last year.
A group of up to 39 Scots made their way to the Bigg Market bar before the game and had been drinking there at about 7.45pm.
In the brawl, which involved up to 10 men, four security staff were injured, one seriously. Ian Sewell was left covered in blood and needing hospital treatment for cuts to his head and face.
There was no football-related violence reported to Newcastle police before or after the game.
Celtic stars played a Shearer team of past and present greats.
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