Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Celtic fans attack Rapid Vienna players

Celtic fans attack Rapid Vienna players in 1984 causing them to play next home Euro tie behind closed doors.
Europe's shame.

Celtic fans display sick IRA banner

Twisted fans of Celtic displayed a banner "some men fight for silver", a line taken from a PRO IRA song.
"some men fight for silver and some men fight for gold,
but the IRA are fighting for the land the Saxons stole..."

Monday, April 28, 2008


Thousands of Celtic fans were yesterday witnessed to have sung

"I hope you die in your sleep Nacho Novo
I hope you die in your sleep i pray
I hope you die in your sleep Nacho Novo
With a bullet from the IRA"

Anti sectarian organisation 'Nil by Mouth' have this to say on it

Thank you for your interest in Nil by Mouth.

The Scottish PremierLeague's match observer has responsibility for reporting unacceptable conduct at matches under the SPL's jurisdiction. Any findings in this respect are normally reported publicly and we await the findings in relation to yesterday's Celtic v Rangers fixture.

This is the first complaint we have had reporting that this particular song was sung at the match and I thank you for drawing this to your attention. I personally heard some supporters singing the song in Glasgow city centre early yesterday evening and had any police officers been present at the time I would have reported it to them as a breach of the peace. The song, which I understand is sung to the tune of a Christian hymn, is in Nil by Mouth's view clearly sectarian and will understandably be offensive and upsetting to many football supporters and members of the general public.

Nil by Mouth has commented in today's Scottish Sun in relation to the t-shirt displayed by Celtic's goalkeeper at the match. We have not had any media enquiries regarding sectarian singing at the game and indeed your complaint is the only such report of this we have received. We will take your complaint into account and consider this along with any other evidence presented regarding sectarian behaviour at the match. If sectarian singing took place then we would urge the SPL and clubs involved to respond in line with the policies they have in place to challenge sectarianism. Perhaps you would consider forwarding your complaint to these organisations to encourage them to take action?

Thank you for your correspondence, the information you have provided is appreciated and useful to our campaign.

Best regards,

"A man's a man for a' that"

Robert Burns - Scottish poet

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cowardly Celtic fans throw bricks at rival fans

Several Rangers supporters buses were bricked last night by cowardly Celtic fans in Greenhead Street, Glasgow.

Celtic fans attack medic

By Bill Leckie in The Sun 17/4/08


Celtic complained about a journalist writing that some of their fans "would rather have a bead rattling hoppy the hound in the dugout rather than Gordon Strachan"

Here is a press release from the Sunday Herald

"CELTIC Football Club yesterday met with the Sunday Herald newspaper in relation to the recent article containing the line, 'some fans would probably rather have a bead-rattling Hoopy the Huddle Hound in the dug-out.'

During a constructive meeting with regard to this issue, the Sunday Herald has informed the club of the following:

The individual in question will no longer write a column for the Sunday Herald.

The newspaper will be printing a full unreserved apology in this Sunday's edition.

The newspaper will be responding directly and individually to all those people who have complained by letter or e-mail to the Sunday Herald on this matter.

Celtic Football Club welcomes the measures taken by the Sunday Herald."

It's interesting to note that The Nazis and Soviet / Maoist Communists also worked hard at suppressing freedom of expression

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Written by REBECCA SMITH and TRINA PORTER - Daily Mirror - April 5, 2002
CELTIC fans travelling from Northern Ireland for the club's key title match tomorrow say they will wreck a minute's silence in memory of the Queen Mum.

Hardline republican supporters have vowed they will boo loudly during the official silence at Parkhead - plunging the club and Scottish football into shame.

The claims come just days after the Mirror told how SPL bosses had refused to order clubs to play God Save the Queen to try to avoid such embarrassment.

The game will be delayed for the mark of respect.

But club bosses fear violence will erupt in the stadium after Irish fans vowed they will jeer throughout the tribute to the 101- year-old Royal, who died last Saturday................


A letter to us from an (EX) Celtic Fan

AS a soccer fan from New York who of Irish decent found myself aligned to Celtic FC but i find this blog not only fascinating but eye opening in the extreme as the facts are backed up as FACT and find myself questioning my allegiance to such a club add this to the only Celtic soccer fan to leave a comment leaves a Sectarian one. Gee you Scots do irony so well.

I may not support Rangers per say but it seems they have resecured the moral high ground as the true colors of Celtic's vile past seep through the cracks ........... Well its Manchester United for this yank please don't destroy my new club with a blog i could not stomach on making such an error in judgment ever again.

Celtic Fans send hate mail to Referee

Scottish Daily Record 07/04/08
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