Friday, July 25, 2008

The real definition of "Celtic Minded"
McCann in those pioneering days was virtually accused of treason by some old-time Celtic stalwarts for employing people who were allegedly not "Celtic-minded". In his inimitably blunt fashion, he retorted: "Celtic-minded. You mean Catholic bigots?".

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Celtic thug jailed by Spanish court for Barcelona attacks to be sent back to Glasgow
Jul 16 2008
A CELTIC fan has been sentenced to four years in jail by a Spanish court for two drink-fuelled Champions League attacks.
The teenage Hoops supporter battered two men with beer jugs ahead of a match against Barcelona.
The 19-year-old - known only as John D - appeared in court last week after spending more than four months behind bars.
Now he is set to be sent back home to Glasgow to serve the rest of his prison term.
A court heard how the thug assaulted a drinker and a bar owner on March 3 - hours before the clash at the Nou Camp.
He had been drinking with his dad and eight fellow fans in a pub in the town of Sabadell - 15 miles from Barcelona.
In a bar called Sinfo, he grabbed a half-litre beer jug and smashed it across the head of a local man. He then crashed a second glass over the head of the stunned bar owner, who had attempted to break up the fight.
Both victims required stitches in hospital - and the fan was quickly arrested.
He was later identified by three witnesses and has been held in Can Brians jail since then.
Last week, the teenager was jailed for four years for the attacks.
It emerged his family had paid £2300 in compensation to the victims, which helped to reduce his sentence.
A court source said: "The expectation is that in the short term, he will be placed in a prison in Scotland."

Monday, July 14, 2008


To give you the gist: Celtic fan goes over for the Barcelona game with members of his family, goes into a bar and decides to smash a pint glass over a customer then attacks the owner. He received 2 two year sentences for assault and causing injury with a dangerous weapon and his family paid nearly 3000 euros worth of damages.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


From the Sun October 2004
By Robert McAulay

Lisbon Lion Tommy Gemmell has told how some of his team-mates called him an "Orange b*****d".

Hero Gemmell, a Protestant, also claims there were players who wanted to turn Celtic into a Catholics-only club.

He said he suffered the abuse at the start of his Parkhead career in the early 1960s.

The star - who scored in Celtic's European Cup win in 1967 - told how he and fellow defender Ian Young were the only Protestants in the team when he first arrived at the club.

Gemmell said: "If either of us had a bad game we would get bigoted abuse.

"Certain other players would say, 'What do you expect of an Orange b*****d?

"They would say it directly to you, and they were not having a joke or a laugh.

"I don't know why they called an Orange b', as I had never been in an Orange lodge in my life.

"A handful of players at the club could have been described as real bigots and they would have liked to see a Celtic side that was 100 per cent Catholic."

Gemmell, 61, tells in his new book Lion Heart how he was backed by chairman Sir Robert Kelly and players like Billy McNeill and Steve Chalmers.

The former full-back - who played more than 400 games for Celtic - said: "I just wanted to go out and play and as I got more experienced more senior players saw I was good for the team and everything became ***ky-dory.

"But there had been some resentment of me when I first became established.

"To his credit, the Celtic chairman Sir Bob Kelly was always keen to stress my merits as a player.

"And guys like Billy McNeill and Steve Chalmers were never bigoted.

"The bigoted guys had been at the club for a long time, but why they thought the way they did, I don't know."
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