Friday, July 31, 2009

Celtic fans bombard American footballer with terrorist & sectarian slogans

RANGERS star Maurice Edu was caught out by Celtic fan pranksters who hijacked a live online video chat - and duped him into saying hello to Gerry Adams.

Hoops supporters got the unsuspecting American ace to give "a shout out to" the Sinn Fein president and wish Bobby Sands - the IRA hunger-striker - a happy birthday.

They also asked him to say hello to "Chucky Arla" - a reference to Republican slogan" tiocfaidh ar la" - and urged him to wish "Erin Go Bragh", Gaelic for "Ireland forever", a "speedy recovery in hospital".

The Celtic fans hijacked the chat as the player answered questions from Gers supporters through live stream site Ustream while he relaxed at home.

Sources at Rangers last night admitted the 23-year-old star had been "naive".

One insider said: "Maurice is a really nice guy and he's been doing this sort of thing for a few years. He is always very friendly and receptive towards the supporters but he has been caught out big time here.

"He is a young boy in a new country and he has been really naive. I'm amazed that no one had warned him before hand but he's learned the hard way."

Edu made the blunders as he replied to one poster who wrote: "Mo, could you do a shout out for Chucky Arla? He's in hospital watching and also a big shout out to Gerry Adams?"

Edu replied: "To Gerry Adams, happy birthday."

Another poster said: "Hey Mo, could you wish my sister Erin Go Bragh a speedy recovery? She's watching in hospital." The player obliged, saying: "To Erin Go Bragh, I wish you a speedy recovery and I hope she gets better."

Another fan added: "Mo can you say happy birthday to my brother Bobby Sands, it's his 21st birthday today." Innocently Edu said: "And happy birthday to Bobby Sands."

Worried Rangers fans tried to warn Edu that the site had been "invaded by Celtic fans". He quit the stream after 30 minutes.

Last night a Rangers spokesman said: "We are disappointed some people have used this to take advantage of him.

"It is obvious he was led into saying things by mischief makers."

Sectarian Celtic fan fined after punching young girl in the face

Jul 31 2009

A CELTIC fan punched a female Rangers supporter in the face after seeing his side lose the SPL title.
Paul Connell unleashed a sickening tirade of abuse, calling Donna Brereton an "Orange cow" at a party on the final day of last season.
Connell had been to Celtic Park hoping to see his team win the league - but they drew and Rangers won to be crowned champions.
Connell returned home to Bonnybridge, Stirlingshire, and went to a party at his neighbour's home.
When he spotted Donna wearing a Rangers shirt, he flew into a rage.
He punched her on the nose and launched into a sectarian tirade,Falkirk Sheriff Court heard yesterday.
Connell, 37, of Bonnybridge, admitted the assault on May 24 . Sheriff Jacqueline Neilson fined him £640, and ordered him to pay his victim £300 in compensation.
She said: "Your behaviour was totally unacceptable."

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Celtic fan jailed for four years over Old Firm stabbing

A Celtic supporter who repeatedly stabbed a Rangers fan in a Glasgow pub hours after an Old Firm match has been sentenced to four years in jail. Shaun Duffy admitted assaulting Brian Duncan to the danger of his life in the Springcroft Bar and Diner in Ballieston last December. The High Court in Dunfermline heard how Duffy stabbed Mr Duncan after he had come to the aid of his brother. Judge Lord Woolman labelled the assault a “frightening and vicious attack”.

The court heard how the victim’s brother, Colin, and his friends had gone to the pub on 27 December after watching Rangers lose at Ibrox earlier that day. Offshore worker Duffy and his group were also in the bar and he became involved in an argument after staff said drinkers entering the pub could not wear football colours. Duffy then became directly involved in a fight with Colin Duncan.

His brother Brian, who had been playing pool, saw what was happening and rushed to help his brother.
The 37-year-old was pushed to the ground, then Duffy pulled out a knife and stabbed him twice in the chest and once in the neck. Mr Duncan lost two litres of blood on the way to hospital and had to be resuscitated.

The court was told that Duffy had a history of violence and was jailed for another knife attack in 1998.
Passing sentence, Lord Woolman told Duffy, “You carried out a frightening and vicious attack on Brian Duncan. It is only chance that you do not face a charge of murder. You have 11 previous convictions - five for breach of the peace, one football-related, and a 2005 conviction for an assault with a bottle. Your victim required emergency treatment and lost two litres of blood - this was life-threatening. If you had been convicted after trial, you would have had six years in prison - but as you pled guilty the sentence will be four years.”

Friday, July 3, 2009

Celtic fans arrest at Armed Forces celebration

Several protesters at an Armed Forces have been confirmed as Celtic and IRA Supporters.

The "sickening" protests were condemned by public figures, including Secretary of State for Scotland Jim Murphy and the leader of Glasgow City Council, Steven Purcell.

Police have confirmed that one woman and 12 men were arrested and charged after trouble flared at Saturday's event in George Square.

Images of the sick protesters in their Celtic colours on their social networking pages were captured and posted on several websitesfor all the world to see.

Berkovic lifts the lid on racism at Celtic Park

"Celtic was a big mistake for me, that's for sure. Celtic never understood me , and I for sure never understood them. It was a club with an image which was full of its own self importance and role in the world. The club was going through a troubled time and when manager John Barnes got the sack, my days there were numbered. It's hard to say this but I feel that I have to point out that Celtic, certainly at that time did not react well to people who they did not consider were 'one of them". I am Jewish and proud of my religion and background, Barnes and Ian Wright felt the same as me, and they were quickly ostracised when results went against us. After one midweek game which we lost, Wright and Barnes were subject to really disgraceful racial abuse in the car park. It was at that point I knew I had to get out. I found it really disconcerting having to play in front of a huge crowd where many fans had PLO flags and celebrated terrorist actions. They were backing an organization which, after all, wanted the destruction of the State of Israel. How could I give one hundred percent for such a club with an ethos like that?
The Celtic Rangers games were utter madness, and I had to remind myself for which club I was playing! I always stood up for the sovereignty of the nation and the right of law. Celtic seemed to be going for the opposite, by supporting terrorist groups from Spain, Ireland, the Middle East and Africa. It was crazy!".

As if to underline Berkovic's anger, was the fact that shortly after his departure from Celtic, (the man who released him) Martin O'Neill signed John Hartson who had assaulted the slight Israeli at a training session when both men played for West Ham. Even a quick glance on youtube years later, does nothing to dampen the sheer brutality of the unpremeditated attack on Bekovic.

"The signing of somebody like John Hartson by Celtic did not come as a surprise to me. It was a marriage made in heaven. The fans finally had found somebody who embodied everything they stood for, and I for one was not astonished that he went onto become a cult figure at their club."

As for tomorrow's derby in Glasgow, Berkovic will be tuning in to watch the game though it comes as no surprise at all to learn that he will leaning towards the blue side of Glasgow tomorrow. Berkovic, like him or loathe him, usually gets the big decisions right.

Ex-Celtic Magnus Hedman charged over drug use

FORMER Celtic keeper Magnus Hedman has been charged with taking anabolic steroids.
The Swedish goalie is alleged to have had an illegal substance and alcohol in his blood after police swooped at a petrol station.
He is suspected of using stanozolol - the same substance used by Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson in the 1988 Olympics.
Hedman denies the charges and the case will now go to trial later this year.
He said: "I'm innocent - it was an ingredient in a diet supplement I took. I have never knowingly taken doping."
Hedman's Mercedes was raided by police at a petrol station in Stockholm in May.
He was travelling with another man and cops found 55 stanozolol tablets in a pair of trousers in his car.
When police tested the keeper, they allegedly found the substance in his blood.

Drugs bust on former Celtic striker

FORMER Celtic striker Andy Payton has been caught with a mini cannabis farm at his home.
Cops raided the house and seized 17 dope plants.
Payton wasn't in when the police arrived but was arrested later in the centre of his home town of Burnley, Lancashire.
The 41-year-old accepted a police caution for possession of class B drugs. He refused to comment yesterday, other than to say: "I don't use cannabis. I don't do drugs."
Lancashire Police confirmed that they recovered 17 cannabis plants in Burnley on Wednesday. They added: "A 41-year-old man was arrested and received a police caution."
Payton signed for Celtic in 1992 but failed to make an impression in Glasgow and left after a year.
He had more success in the lower leagues in England. He scored 81 goals in five seasons for Burnley, earning the nickname The Predator.
Payton went to Barnsley from Celtic. He also played for Middlesbrough, Huddersfield and Blackpool.
He was due to play for Burnley in Sky TV's old boys' tournament, the Masters Cup, next month.
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