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Celtic fan on fake euro rap
Published: 12 Nov 2009

A CELTIC fan is facing months in jail after he was caged in Germany for allegedly carrying fake euros.
Charles Wright, 25, of Dalmuir, Dunbartonshire, was arrested in a Hamburg pub last Wednesday - hours before the Hoops played the local team.

He had travelled with pals to watch the game but was nabbed in a police swoop after a barmaid claimed he passed her dodgy banknotes.

It is claimed officers found counterfeit currency stashed in his hood. His distraught family have not heard from Charles since, because he is barred from making calls. And the mobile phone repairer is unable to tell German authorities what happened - because he was too DRUNK to remember.

Frantic mum Pauline said: "He's never been in trouble before. I'm 100 per cent certain he's innocent. He didn't do anything wrong."

British Consular staff only made contact with Charles a week after his arrest but Pauline added: "They say he's OK."

A Foreign Office spokesman said: "We are providing Consular assistance."

Monday, November 23, 2009

Celtic fans heard singing pro-IRA songs at Dundee United (video)

Many Celtic fans will have been dismayed by their club’s travelling support at Dundee United on Sunday, as the crowd were heard singing pro-IRA songs during the match.
The song, titled “Ooh Aah Up the Ra,” was heard during in the 76th minute of the match with United, with many in the crowd heard to loudly boo the Celtic fans once the chord was struck up.
For a long time now, certain elements of the Celtic crowd have identified themselves with the dissident Northern Ireland terrorist group. Celtic, a proudly Catholic club with a deep-rooted Irish heritage, boast many Irish fans and fans with an Irish background who have long held an association with the travails of the IRA, with arguments as to why this is the case stretching back to old battle lines from the Irish war of Independence back in 1916.
To make matters all the more volatile, this weekend witnessed a sharp upturn in violence in Belfast as a failed attack saw the republican gang dump a 400lb car bomb outside the headquarters of the Northern Ireland Policing Board on Saturday. Fortunately the bomb never went off, but in such a climate the Celtic songs will have struck the nerve that much more acutely.
Footage of the Celtic fans heard singing pro-IRA songs can be seen here.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Celtic video shame - 120 THOUSAND views in 2 days

Word is spreading far and wide thanks to Celtics shame video being posted on YouTube on Sunday.

Most notably it is the 26th most viewed video in the World today and most viewed video in the UK!!!!

A quick glance at the comments left below the video by Celtic fans show that the bigots that desecrated the silence are not a minority as claimed. Hundreds, maybe thousands have left sick messages supporting the Celtic fans who dishonored the dead

Statistics are as follows;

Honours for this video (26)
#9 - Most Discussed (This Week)
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To you Celtic Football Club, I say: Never!


Celtic supporters sung Irish “rebel” songs during the one minute’s Remembrance Day silence before the kick off of their game at Falkirk. Even more Celtic fans waited outside the turnstiles so that they would not have to take part in the commemoration. What an unspeakably foul club it is, bigoted and filled with sectarian hatred. And yet the only Glasgow club which ever gets punished for fuelling sectarian hatred is its rival, Rangers. It is not so long ago that FIFA decided that Rangers supporters were racist bigots for singing their fatuous, hate-filled tales about the Battle of the Boyne etc, while Celtic’s supporters were merely reveling in a noble folk song tradition while singing their fatuous hate filled tales about how good the IRA are.

Celtic wish to join the Premier League – ie the league of the historic Bruddush uppressor. That’s because they’d make a lot more money from finishing fourteenth (at best) in the Premier League than finishing first or second in Scotland. We should never let them do so. Let them have the courage of their convictions and join the League of Ireland where, in their exciting games against Sligo Rovers and Shelbourne, they will never be asked to observe a minute’s silence to commemorate those who fought against totalitarianism. Incidentally, Celtic could only draw with the bottom club, Falkirk. Mr De Valera, your bhoys are useless.

MP speaks of "deplorable action" by Celtic fans


East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell has praised those at all the sporting events over the weekend who paid tribute in a dignified and solemn fashion to those from across the United Kingdom who paid the supreme sacrifice while serving their Country. In acknowledging those efforts he singled out for criticism the number of people purporting to be Glasgow Celtic followers at the Falkirk v Celtic game where a minority of fans at the ground attempted to disrupt the minute silence.
"It was a deplorable action, embarrassment was etched on the face of the Celtic Chairman as he stood in respectful silence while others sought to demean it."

For football fans right across the UK the sight of the overwhelming majority of fans, players, staff and management all taking part in an emotional and appropriate silence with the wearing of poppies in their clothing or tops was impressive. Whether an oversight or whatever but the unfortunate positions of both the present manager of Celtic at the Falkirk game and a former manager, Ulsterman Martin O'Neill at his Aston Villa game, neither of whom were sporting poppies while thousands of others did, could be used by the "disrupters" as vindication.
Hopefully an explanation will be forthcoming from both clubs to allay any suspicion on the motivation of both men.

I trust all the Clubs will take steps to ensure that there is no hiding place next year for those whose opposition to freedom allows them the choice to act as the bigots they surely are.

Celtic fans desecrate minutes silence for Hillsborough disaster


SUNDAY MAIL, April 18, 1999.

GED BRANNAN stood stock still amid the eerie minute's silence at Celtic Park yesterday and thought of the mate who died in the hell of Hillsborough.

He wanted a dignified moment to honour a friend the Motherwell midfielder had once kicked a ball around with before he had the life squeezed out of him at the Leppings Lane End.

This was the grim tenth anniversary of that awful April afternoon when 96 Liverpool fans perished in a sickening crush on the terraces before the FA Cup semi-final clash with Nottingham Forest.

It was an emotional moment for Brannan and he stood head bowed until a Celtic fan hollered: "Who ate all the pies, ya fat *******" at former Rangers keeper Andy Goram.

That provoked a furious response from ill-advised Well fans then an Irish voice from the Hoops' section bellowed "IRA" and "Free the Prisoners".

The name Graham Wright will mean NOTHING to them. It is etched forever on the mind of Brannan.

And he fumed: "I thought it was absolutely shocking, a bloody disgrace. For God's sake 96 people died and they want to shout through the silence.

"Those who did that have no respect for those people and none for themselves.

"I lost a friend at Hillsborough and it knocked my hometown for six. How can people think that doesn't mean anything?

"I felt like running over to the stand and grabbing whoever did that by the throat."

Ged was just a 17-year-old kid back then and playing for his own team ruined his plans of making the pilgrimage to Sheffield to see his Kop heroes.

Instead he sat dumbstruck at home and watched the worst disaster in British sporting history unfold before his eyes.

Yesterday should have been a time for silent tears, instead he will have woken up this morning angry and bewildered.

And he rapped: "How can they disregard it the way they did. Celtic fans were booing our supporters but I felt the shouts came from their area.

"To their credit when the silence finished I heard the vast majority of the stadium boo those who wrecked it and I thought that was great.

"But those who did that deserve to be banned for life. And not just from Celtic. They should be barred from EVERY ground in Scotland."

Ged phoned his girlfriend down south after the match to tell her of the shame of a minute's silence that saw one Celtic fan arrested and another ejected from the ground.

British Legion horrified at minute's silence desecration


The British Legion said it was horrified that a minute's silence at the match between Falkirk and Celtic was marred by republican chants from a section of the Celtic support.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Daily Record report Celtics shame


"One minute of silence. Thats all they were asked to observe.
But a group of Celtic fans just couldn't bring themselves to allow Europes war dead 60 seconds of fleeting respect.

What they did yesterday on Remembrance Sunday was shameful and struck at the heart of common decency.
Who are these spiteful people who refuse to honour and respect the millions who were slaughtered and who continue to fall in the name of freedom?

They live in a fog of hate,anger and probably also ignorance. Indeed,it is almost possible to feel sorry for them. Almost,but not quite because,frankly,they are despicable.

For some reason nothing was heard on Skys broadcast while the singing of Celtics fans could be heard clearly on BBC Radio Scotland. Did someone at Sky take the decision to muffle the protest? If so,why ? There is no point in trying to gloss over the fans who shame Scotland. They should be exposed.

These people need to understand we are Scottish with no wish to be dragged back into the past. We don't have any desire to become Irish. Those who do should catch a ferry from Stranraer and leave the rest of us alone.

Ironically,however,there was a silence yesterday. It was all quiet on the moral highground which too many Celtic fans had been quick to claim as their own. Today it lies empty and thats as it should always be"


While every football club in Britain held a one minute silence in remembrance of the many lives lost during the two World Wars over the weekend one group of supporters failed to uphold the silence.

The Sky TV camera's were at the match between Falkirk and Celtic, but had to mute their broadcast to hide the shame of the Celtic fans that sang throughout the sixty seconds.

Below is footage that Sky attempted to hide.

Rangers and Celtic are hoping to become involved in the Premier League and a few Premier League clubs are backing the move, but do we really want clubs with supporters like this?

I'm not saying all Celtic fans are the same, but it does sound like a large number rather than a small minority. We witnessed what Celtic fans are capable of 30 years ago in the Anglo Scottish cup semi final that Burnley won with two 1-0 wins in both legs. That day was manic and those that went to the game that day all have bad memories.

Since then football has moved on and it is very rare that you see trouble at football or at least inside the stadium. The video clip above does make you wonder if Celtic fans have moved on though.

Have your say by clicking here.

Sectarian Celtic fans ruin minute’s silence on Remembrance Sunday
Disgraceful show by some Celtic fans at Falkirk on Sunday. A small section of the club’s more sectarian support chanted Republican songs outside the Falkirk Stadium, DURING a minute’s silence for Remembrance Sunday. Looks like Bill Hicks was right about the whole ‘virus with shoes’ thing.

Sky Sports have since admitted that they muted the sound to avoid causing offence to viewers. A Sky source said:

“Our sound technicians at all the games we cover have the ability to mute any chants or songs which could cause offence. That was clearly the case here – although the silence was observed by the vast majority of all the fans inside the ground.”

But this is what you should have heard:

Celtic fans desecrate minutes silence for war dead



Nothing but pure fucking scumbags!
And Rangers are deemed to be The Shame of Scotland????
Celtic always seem to manage to defend themselves from any wrong doing, and very rarely are they highloghted by the press. But congratulations to all you scummy tims as your have shown yoursleves for exactly what you Scumbags!!!!


Is a minute of respect really too much to ask for?


this is why they will never join the premier league . they can stay the second biggest fish in a VERY small pond


People of youtube and the world, please do not think of this behaviour as representative of the entire celtic support. This was a small section of bigot fuckheads who attach themselves to celtic so as they can force their retarted cause opon the public. In the end of the day wtf does kicking a ball around have to do with religeon or war?


Shocking, to be honest i think the biggest majority of us all knew they wouldn't stay silent.Yet again they have shown that they are ignorant scum.



The Club are not much better, how much did they pay did they pay for the stick on poppies, every other SPL club got special tops made


Absolute scum. Scotland's & Ireland's shame at the same time.


i bet the families and friends of recently fallen scottish catholic soldiers can take comfort in the fact that there beloved teams followers share in their grief..... NOT. words can't describe this shower of shit, just the same as the fanatical muslims that jeer and spit at our soldiers at homecoming parades. VERMIN


Arseholes!!!!!! whats that all about? regardless of this THING yous call a problem, yous sing songs yous dont even understand!!! show some fucking respect..... people have died so you could go to that game today


a fuckin disgrace. the supposed best fans in the world show themselves up for what they really are again. it will be interesting to see if celtic take action or bury their heads in the sand as usual.
it does not matter whether this happened inside or outside the ground. these morons were hellbent on causing disruption and disrespecting soldiers who gave their lives for us.
it is pathetic that some celtic fans are on here trying to defend these actions and even blaming sky tv. pathetic


What I would like to know is if the Celtic fans did pay their respect to the fallen then why is yer man shaking his head in disgust at 1:13 ... to me he has done this because the Celtic fans couldn't keep their mouths shut for two minutes. ... ignorant scum


unbelievable.only scumtic fans can defend the undefensible.why not just admit the fact you are bitter twisted vile smelly vermin who would be more at home in a flea infested rat hole(sometimes referred to as celtic park).


Scotlands' shame right there.


Sickening. Absolutey sickening.


im not irish, scotish or catholic but ive always held celtic fans in very high regard untill today! even engalnds worst small time chav infested scummy followings, showed that they have some dignity today! its a big shame celtic didn't .




Fucking disgrace! Proves who really is Scotlands shame ...


SCUM BAGS of the highest order - Celtic Board should be ashamed and the REAL Celtic Fans must be feeling sick


SCUM, absolute disgrace of Scotland


Hang your heads in Shame Celtic fans, I use to think you were urite aswell. Thats totally disrespectful to all the Men and Women who gave there lives for US!!


I always thought that the poppies were to show respect to the losses on all sides, and the pointlessness of war. How anyone can make this political is beyong belief. These people should be locked up and the key thrown away.


Fucking disgraceful - the only team in britain who have constantly turned down the british armies requests for mentions at a game. Even Peter Lawell condoned the actions of idiotic celtic fans. Fucking get a grip celtic.


As a Celtic fan, and as a human being, this video disgusts me! I'm sickened to support the same club as theses low life, scum of the earth morons. I just wished the cameras had caught the idiots who were singing and had them named and shamed on the front pages of tomorrows paper. Also disappointed at the lack of self-policing amongst our own ranks. I really hope they will be banned for life from all football grounds. Irish roots, but a SCOTTISH club, lest we forget our fallen heroes.


And they want to join the English league!
They wouldn`t have done that at Millwall,Leeds or West Ham.The scummy b*****ds wouldn`t have got out of there alive.


This is truly disgusting. I can almost guarantee there will be nothing mentioned about this in the Scottish press tomorrow. Sickening


I bet 99.9% of those booing have never been to Ireland and have absolutely no connection whatsovere to Ireland they're just pathetic (probably drunken) IDIOTS who probablyhave no jobs and contribute NOTHING to a civilised society. Absolute knuckle-draggers.


Don't celtic fans know that 50,000 Irishmen died in WW1?

Disgraceful, they should be taken out and shot.

From an Irish Catholic.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Celtic fans poison Germany with terrorist songs

"These were two fading powers, slogging it out before a crowd more interested in winding each other up than getting excited about what was happening on the park.
The Celtic end chanted about St Pauli, in between choruses about the IRA. "


Celtics main fan group The Green Brigade have promised to boycott Sundays Falkirk match as they refuse hold a respectful moment of silence for the brave men and women who fought and died for their freedom during the wars on fascism and terrorism.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Celtic poppy protest shame

Daily Express 5/11/09

HARDLINE Celtic fans are threatening to snub a Remembrance Day commemoration.
A faction of the club's support say they will shun the minutes silence before the SPL match with Falkirk on Sunday.
Some members of an ultra-Republican group say they will remain outside the stadium during the tribute.
Others say they will turn their backs or boo.
The mass protest is being co-ordinated online via fans' forums.
No one from the Parkhead club was last night available to comment.

PDF download

Now available to download free is a handy PDF to view on your computer offline or to distribute as an email. Get it here

Celtic fans vow violence in Hamburg

By Chris Costello, 25/10/2009 - News Of the World
Celtic fans plan to get their revenge when the teams meet again in Gemany a week on Thursday. A Hoops casual warned: "Hamburg's fans were out of order. We'll give them a taste of their own medicine."

Meanwhile, Hamburg's city rivals are set to throw a party for Celtic fans in a notorious RED LIGHT district.

Supporters of St Pauli - who have long-standing links to the Hoops - hope to stage a rock concert in the Reeperbahn before the Euro clash.

A cursory reading of the German press would have reveals this:

The riots at Rostock were started by St. Pauli supporters. This is verified by German television and newspapers. In the meantime the management of St. Pauli has apologised for the uproar. The club cannot understand why its [so-called] peaceful fans are starting trouble.

One St. Pauli player made obscene gestures to the Rostock supporters and is now being charged by the DFB (German Football Association). He will receive a two or three match suspension.

The ST. Pauli/Celtic love-in began in 1989 and in large part was as a reaction to a growing fan-friendship between Rangers and HSV fans (I will write a longer history of this association at a later date). There is also the, ahem, political interests of the fans of St. Pauli and Celtic. Both espouse a left-wing, non racist, non-sectarian, Marxist communist philosophy while, actually idolising violent terrorist murderers and dictators (someone really ought to tell the truth about Che Geuvara. Here is a wee start:

It should be understood that there is no such thing as an HSV- Sankt Pauli rivalry in the football sense. In footballing terms HSV is a giant; a “Tradtionsclub”, venerable and famous throughout Germany and the wider world, having won several German titles and the European Cup. HSV is also the only remaining member of Bundesliga never to have been relegated, having been there at the league’s inception in 1965 and still going strong. By contrast, ST Pauli is the equivalent of Clyde, unsuccessful, only occasionally in Bndesliga 1 and never lasting there more than a season, supported by the type of trendy politico fans who follow Partick Thistle.

Although, only up to a point, there is a hard core of political types who have attached themselves to St. Pauli and these are the group that has formed an association with the fans of Celtic. Many of these St. Pauli ‘activists’ freely admit their interest in football is minimal but it acts as a good cover for their wider ‘political interests’.

Now not every, St Pauli fan is ‘Celtic-minded’. The vast majority have no interest and a few actually prefer The Rangers. (I know about half-a-dozen younger guys who have visited Ibrox on more than one occasion and wear our colours with pride).

A few older St. Pauli fans also remember, with affection, when The Rangers played an unscheduled ‘friendly’ against St, Pauli in the 1970s (we had played HSV in the same week) in order to boost the club’s coffers, as it was threatened, with closure because of debts to the banks.

In an echo of this, about for years ago St. Pauli was again close to closure due to debt. You must remember, surely? St. Pauli's pals at Celtic arranged one of their famous and discreet one off games attended by 100,000 fans, with millions locked outside, with the proceeds being used to rescue Celtic's German brothers. Well, actually, Celtic FC didn’t do any such thing despite a request for help from the owners of St. Pauli.

In short, the ‘longstanding’ relationship between the Celtic and Hamburg’s” Brown and White Shite” is a reaction to the far older more decent and altogether ‘healthier’ relationship between fans of The Rangers and Hamburg Sport-Verein. There is, of course, nothing new in this: “Same old Sellick; always stealing [other people's ideas and turning them into self-aggrandising Celtic traditions]!”

After the game at the Celtic Park, one tabloid report from a frothing-at–the-mouth hack stated, that, the Celtic hordes would: “Have their revenge in Hamburg...” This is tantamount to encouraging violence at the HSH Nordbank Arena.

Reports from Hamburg state that at least 3000 St. Pauli supporters will be in and around the ground and that a lot of trouble is expected. In anticipation of this the police are planning to strictly segregate the opposing groups.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Celtic fans confess to racist abuse

Racist abuse at Celtic Park aimed at Kilmarnock FC players was reported by various sources (31st October 2009). Celtics No.1 fan group the Green Brigade has released a statement (2nd November 2009) confirming this.

"For the past two seasons we have had to put up with continual ticket checks (even though the club, senior stewards and stewards in the area know who our members are and that we have valid tickets for the section) and general harassment, most notably having banners ripped down. We are aware that, like ourselves, the club are not happy with overcrowding in the area. We have tried to discourage people from doubling up at seats and standing in the aisles, through threads on our online forum and by speaking to people at matches. We’ve been informed that after we left yesterday our section was soon filled by fans who don’t have tickets for the section and who reportedly sang sectarian songs and made audible racist remarks. As a group with an anti-racist and anti-sectarian stance we find it strange that we encounter regular harassment from stewards and police while these 'rules' clearly do not apply to others."

Read full statement at

Monday, November 2, 2009

Sectarian fear for 17 year old

THE fear of sectarian attacks has forced the father of a Drogheda United under-17 player to deny his son the opportunity to avail of trials with Glasgow Rangers.Darius Kierans, manager of the Drogheda team, was approached by a Rangers scout both during and after the summer Foyle Cup tournament in Derry, where 17-year-old Pete McMahon scored the winning goal in the plate finalBy Marcus Cavaroli
THE fear of sectarian attacks has forced the father of a Drogheda United under-17 player to deny his son the opportunity to avail of trials with Glasgow Rangers.

Darius Kierans, manager of the Drogheda team, was approached by a Rangers scout both during and after the summer Foyle Cup tournament in Derry, where 17-year-old Pete McMahon scored the winning goal in the plate final against English professional side Bournemouth.

The Scottish giants wanted to offer young Pete a trial, but when Kierans rang the boy’s father Paddy with the ‘good news’ he didn’t get the response he might have expected.

‘It would be a bigger honour if it was Celtic,’ Paddy told the Drogheda Independent this week. ‘But although Pete is a big Celtic and Man United fan, he was very happy when I told him and he would love to go.

‘But we live in Castleblayney, three miles south of the border, which is very awkward. We haven’t been victims ourselves, but there’s a serious sectarian problem where we are.

‘At the end of the day, it’s only football and people would be robbing the house if he went to Rangers.’

The McMahon family returned to County Monaghan in 1999 after 34 years in England, where young Pete had a trial with Blackburn Rovers and once scored 57 goals in a single season for Evergreen, an underage club in Watford where he was born.

After spells with Monaghan United and Dundalk, the youngster changed clubs again, opting for Drogheda as it gave him the opportunity of playing Premier Division football in the Dublin & District League.
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