Thursday, March 12, 2009

Celtic fan jailed for attack on man at funeral

Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland) August 1, 2008

A MOURNER was jailed yesterday for knocking out a man for dancing at a relative's wake.

Richard Deane said he had lashed out because of the "insensitive behaviour" of his victim Stephen Gallacher.

Gallacher was knocked cold with a single blow and suffered a broken nose as well as needing four stitches near an eye.

He had been dancing in front of members of a funeral party after they arrived at Bar Retreat in Perth on May 23.

Charmaine Cole, prosecuting, told the town's sheriff court CCTV showed Gallacher dancing and then Deane walking past.

She added: "The accused was seen to punch him on the head and walk away. As a result, the complainer hit his head off the bar before falling to the ground."

Deane, of Perth, admitted attacking Gallacher, who he knew, and was jailed for two months.

David Holmes, defending, said Gallacher was not part of the funeral party.

He said: "The behaviour in the funeral party was restrained. The complainer was asked to temper his behaviour but did not listen.

"He was dancing and dancing and my client walked past. It was his recollection that something was said and that's when he reached the end of his tether."

In 2005, Celtic supporter Deane was jailed for a year for attacking a Rangers fan following an Old Firm match.
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