Thursday, March 12, 2009

Celtic yobs in sick taunts


SICK Celtic fans sparked fury by mocking the execution of two hero soldiers on a supporters’ website.
Yobs on unofficial Hoops page the Huddleboard made vile ‘jokes’ about the killings of sappers Mark Quinsey, 23, and Patrick Azimkar, 21, at the Massereene barracks at Antrim.

The brave pair were killed as they shielded two pizza delivery workers.


But one twisted nut even posted a picture of a pizza shaped like a gun and made a string of vile ‘gags’ about the atrocity.

And a fan — with the username McFly — posted the message: “Dominos Special Offer for British Soldiers. Buy one pizza, get a second topped for free. Apparently they are making a killing.”

Another sicko added: “It was goodfellas that delivered instead.”

But the insults angered fellow fans on the site. One wrote: “Pretty childish, and exactly what people who dislike Celtic in Ireland point toward when they are slagging the club... somewhat embarrassing actually.”

Last night Army chiefs said they were “saddened” by the slurs.

A spokesman said: “We are extremely saddened that anyone would take the killing of two young men so lightly as to make fun of the incident on the internet.


“This is not a matter to be laughed about. I’m sure those who are making these jokes would not find it so funny had their own loved ones been hurt or killed.”

Celtic also hit out at the yobs. A spokesman said: “We utterly condemn violence and sectarianism in any form.”

No one from the Huddleboard was available for comment.
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