Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Celtic fans jailed for drunken attack on Wood Green Rangers fan


Friday, May 13, 2011 

Two Celtic fans have been jailed for 15 years between them after dousing a fellow Scot in boiling water and beating him with a kettle and table leg.

William Boyle, 43, and Marty Fullerton, 24, battered Alexander MacGillivray until the kettle broke in the drunken revenge attack at his flat in Green Lanes, Wood Green, last year.
Boyle and Fullerton, who was wearing a Celtic shirt, shouted: “Proddy b******” and “Kill the b******” as they battered him.
Celtic are supported largely by Catholics in Scotland while Protestants tend to follow their rivals Rangers.
Snaresbrook Crown Court heard Catholics Boyle and Fullerton were with a third man, Gregory O’Goan, who was not charged in relation to the attack on July 14, 2010.
Boyle had called Fullerton and Mr O’Goan to help him take revenge on Mr MacGillivray, who had scuffled with Boyle in the sheltered accommodation the two men shared in Wood Green, leaving Boyle with a three centimetre cut to his head.
The three men went to Mr MacGillivray’s flat armed with the kettle and table leg to exact revenge, breaking down his door, the court heard.
Prosecutor Joanna Staples said: “Mr Boyle started hitting him with the table leg on his arms, legs, side and shoulders.
“Mr Fullerton was holding the kettle in his hand and Mr MacGillivray was able to see steam rising from it. The contents were thrown at him, hitting him on the front.
“He was then hit by Mr Fullerton with the kettle repeatedly until it broke. Mr MacGillivray says that parts of the broken kettle were then used to stab towards his left arm. He then describes the assault continuing with fists.
“He said that at one point Mr Fullerton grabbed the floor lamp, which was weighted at the bottom, and used that to hit him as well.”
Boyle later told officers: “I got beaten up because I’m Catholic.”
Jailing the pair for seven-and-a-half years each today (May 13), Judge Nicholas Huskinson said: “I view this as a very serious offence. Both defendants were very drunk and had armed themselves beforehand.
“They invaded Mr MacGillivray’s home by breaking down the door, something I view as a serious aggravating factor.”
Boyle, of Cheshire House, Cameron Close, Edmonton, and Fullerton, of Arundel House, Heritage Close, Uxbridge, both admitted wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm in January.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Celtic fans fight with police and chant sectarian songs

A NIGHT when Scottish football plumbed to unprecedented depths of despair.

Neil Lennon attacked by a so-called fan while inside his technical area, Celtic supporters battling police and stewards while pretending to be Irish republicans, and two sending offs that verged on the farcical. One of the most controversial seasons
ever is drawing to a close, however one last round of chaos at Tynecastle just about topped it all. 

After refereeing cover-ups, conspiracy theories and parliamentary summits to discuss Old Firm matches, season 2010/11 added another chapter to its book of infamy last night. In the 49th minute of play, Celtic's celebrations following Gary Hooper's second goal were cut short. A man leapt from Tynecastle's main stand to sprint down the track and assault Lennon. The surprised Celtic manager barely had time to react before stewards pounced on his assailant, but that did not stop Lennon swinging his boot at the flattened thug several times. In fact, twice he mistakenly connected with one of the grounded stewards as his rage took over.

Few could blame him given the letter bombs, death threats, 24-hour security and everything else he has tolerated of late. No-one should be subjected to physical abuse for simply doing their job, especially when that job is managing a football team. Where was his protection? Lennon hurled a few expletives at his attacker as he was marched down the tunnel by police and the Irishman was later described as "shaken but fine" by his assistant, Johann Mjallby.

Hearts may now be punished. It might only have been one brainless buffoon but that he emerged from a section of home supporters to attack Lennon leaves the Edinburgh club open to possible sanctions from the Scottish Football Association.

Perhaps there should also be action taken against Celtic for the equally unacceptable conduct of their supporters in the Roseburn Stand. Groups of them fought with police and stewards in the aftermath of the attack on their manager, accompanied by deafening chants of "we are the IRA". Feet and punches were swung at the local constabulary as things threatened to get completely out of control in the away end.

On the field it was actually quite the opposite. Celtic were in total command of a match they had to win to keep their SPL title hopes alive. David Obua, Hearts' Ugandan midfielder, was red carded on 32 minutes for an innocuous slap at Charlie Mulgrew.

Trouble breaks out during Celtic fans IRA shame

"trouble also broke out when the police moved into the Celtic end; the most vocal pro-IRA chanting of the night surrounded what bother occurred there."

Full Story

Celtic fans bigots shame Scotland at Hearts

12 May 2011
Lennon landed several kicks on the grounded man before he was dragged back by Thompson and Johan Mjallby. Once the police hauled the assailant away, and some kind of order returned on the field, what suddenly reared around Tynecastle was a vicious intensity.
In the directors box, three individuals were singled out by stewards, and reacted with fury before then approaching Dr John Reid, the Celtic chairman, to smooth out whatever the disturbance had been.
Then in the away end, Celtic fans began to fight with police and stewards as some were pulled from of their seats and dragged out of one of the exits. It prompted a fierce, almost visceral chant in support of the IRA, which in turn caused a tumult around the stadium. There had been similar chants earlier, with the home fans responding by singing The Billy Boys, but that dark edge had diminished.
Now it returned, full of vengeance and aggression, and it seemed once more that what was taking place on the field bore no relation to what was happening around it. A flare was let off during the commotion and it was only by the time the green smoke had carried off into the dark sky that some of the fury dissipated, too. It had been nasty, but also short-lived.

Celtic escape SFA punishment for crowd trouble


SPINELESS SFA chiefs will take NO action over the Tynecastle mayhem which shamed Scottish football on Sunday.

A TV audience watched in disbelief as Celtic keeper Rab Douglas was struck on the head by a coin and Hearts goalie Craig Gordon was gobbed on.

But the beaks will ignore both incidents because they haven’t been mentioned in ref Kenny Clark’s match report ? despite SFA chief David Taylor demanding tougher action to stamp out yob fans in football.

SFA disciplinary chief Drew Herbertson said: “We have received the misconduct report and there was no mention of the coin-throwing incident. All that was mentioned in the report were the cautions incurred during the game so there will be no action by the SFA.

“Hearts are keenly aware of the measures they need to take in terms of their supporters.”

Just 24 hours earlier Taylor had insisted it was time to take a hard line, saying: “These matters are viewed very seriously. We need to make it clear it is not acceptable at any level.”

One Celtic fan has already owned up to the club and had his season ticket suspended indefinitely following the disgusting attack ? but Herbertson insists that is a matter between the club and their supporter.

He said: “That matter was not the subject of a report here and clubs are responsible for their own supporters. They will no doubt be keen to avoid things like this happening.

“I suspect this will be a matter between Celtic and the supporter. These days clubs investigate incidents to some degree and will decide what action should be taken.”

A Celtic official said: “While we utterly condemn the behaviour of this supporter, we appreciate the honesty he has shown in making contact with the club to apologise.

“He is thoroughly ashamed of his behaviour at the match and has requested the opportunity to apologise to Craig Gordon in person and to representatives of Hearts.”

With the Scottish Cup return between the two clubs at Tynecastle looming on February 7 players union secretary Fraser Wishart has admitted he fears for his players ? and Hearts ? if there is any repeat.

He joined calls for fairminded fans to shop the yobs and pointed out: “They are running the risk of forcing the club behind closed doors and you can imagine the financial implications of that.

“You have to ask fair- minded fans to identify the culprits.

“These people have to be weeded out. We don’t want them in the game because its image is low enough as it is.”

Then when he switched to Ibrox he was on the bench when keeper Ally Maxwell was attacked by a fan at Parkhead.

He knows the dangers when the yobs are at work and said: “The re-emergence of coin-throwing is very worrying.

“You only have to look at the damage caused to Hugh Dallas when he was hit on the BACK of the head.

“If it hits a player in the eye you are threatening his entire career.

“I have to say that players take a lot of criticism but you have to look at how Rab Douglas handled that whole incident.

“He made no drama of it and conducted himself superbly.”

Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sport/football/article165285.ece#ixzz1M7pvR3q3

Celtic escape SFA punishment for crowd trouble

Monday, 3 January 1994

CELTIC are likely to escape severe punishment following scenes of disorder at the Old Firm match at Celtic Park on Saturday which saw three supporters running on to the pitch and others in the main stand aiming vitriol and missiles at the directors' box.
The fourth meeting of the season between the two rivals unleashed brutal passions not seen from either set of supporters since the infamous 1980 Scottish Cup final.
The most worrying incident from Celtic's point of view was the supporter who had to be bundled to the ground by the collective efforts of John Brown, Richard Gough, the police and stewards as he ran towards Ally Maxwell, the Rangers goalkeeper.
The Scottish Football Association, which has options ranging from a fine to ground closure, awaits reports from the referee, David Syme, his supervisor, and David McLaren, the SFA security adviser, who also attended the match. But yesterday Jim Farry, the chief executive of the SFA, hinted that punishment could be lenient when he said: 'The SFA will retain a sense of balance and perspective.'
There was a heavy police presence at the game and it is likely that the governing body will appreciate that the home club did everything within its power to obviate danger.
Kevin Kelly, the Celtic chairman, said: 'It was bitterly disappointing both in terms of the result and the trouble but we hope to identify the culprits and ban them from the ground.
'We will consider whether the stewards and police might have acted more quickly and will have our own information to present to the SFA. I feel the fans' optimism then disappointment was the root of the trouble.'
Celtic were indeed victims of their own high expectations. The team had suffered just one defeat in 14 league matches and had not conceded a goal at home under Lou Macari. In contrast, Rangers have severe injury problems and have been stuttering since the start of the season, yet were three goals up within the first half hour.
Stuart McCall dissected the home defence to allow the imposing figure of Mark Hateley to run unchallenged for the first goal. A similar move saw Neil Murray burst clear and when his shot was saved Alexei Mikhailichenko followed up for a second goal with just three minutes on the clock.
The Ukrainian added a third for Rangers after 28 minutes and a fourth came in 76 minutes through Oleg Kuznetsov. John Collins raised Celtic hopes with a goal in the first minute of the second half but a second from Charlie Nicholas was no more than a consolation.
Goals: Hateley (1) 0-1; Mikhailichenko (3) 0-2; Mikhailichenko (28) 0-3; Collins (46) 1-3; Kuznetsov (76) 1-4; Nicholas (81) 2-4.
Celtic (4-4-2): Bonner; Grant, Gillespie, Wdowczyk (Biggins, 61), Boyd; Byrne, McGinlay, McStay, Collins; Nicholas, O'Neil (McNally, 51). Substitute not used: Given (gk).
Rangers (4-4-2): Maxwell; Pressley, Gough, Brown, Stevens; Steven, McCall, Murray (Kuznetsov, 70), Mikhailichenko; Durie (Huistra, 82), Hateley. Substitute not used: Scott (gk).
Referee: D Syme (Rutherglen).

Celtic fine for pitch attacker

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Celtic fan jailed for racist jibe at El Hadji Diouf

A Celtic fan who made monkey gestures towards Rangers player El Hadji Diouf during an Old Firm game has been jailed for three months.
Sean Smith, 19, from Spittal, South Lanarkshire, taunted the West African striker as he took a corner kick at Celtic Park on 20 February.
He admitted committing a racially aggravated breach of the peace after being reported by fellow Celtic fans.
Smith was also banned from attending football matches for five years.
Sentencing him at Glasgow Sheriff Court, Sheriff Lindsay Wood told Smith he had pleaded guilty to "despicable racist behaviour".
"You thought you were making a fool of the player but you were actually making a fool of yourself.

Start Quote

I can see no alternative to a custodial sentence to mark the court's disapproval of such behaviour”
Sheriff Lindsay Wood
"You have brought shame on the club you support and on Scottish football generally."
Sheriff Wood noted that Smith had been drinking before the game, but said this was "no way to go to a football match and appreciate it".
He added: "I have to look at these matters in the context of an Old Firm match where tensions are running high and I can see no alternative to a custodial sentence to mark the court's disapproval of such behaviour."
Defence lawyer Raymond McIlwham told the court that his client has received death threats as a result of what he did.
He also added that Diouf has a bad relationship with Celtic fans.
Mr McIlwham said: "The relationship between the player involved and the Celtic fans has been a difficult one.
"That in no way excuses Mr Smith's actions but it's conceivable that another player may not have roused that level of passion in a supporter."
The lawyer added that his client is ashamed and now "deeply regrets" what he did.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Neil Lennon Fakes Headbutt from Inverness player

Martin O’Neill had not seen any pictures of the incident but stated later that Lennon had claimed he had been headbutted by Juanjo. “It marred the game,” the Celtic manager said.

Lennon’s run-in with Juanjo, which led to the Spaniard’s early expulsion for an alleged headbutt and left Inverness Caledonian Thistle to play for 73 minutes with just ten men, incurred the ire of one half of Pittodrie. The baying Highland fans jeered Lennon’s every touch thereafter

By Phil Gordon

Celtic manager Martin O'Neill had told BBC Scotland that Lennon claimed he was headbutted by Inverness winger Juanjo before the Spaniard was sent-off.

"I genuinely didn't see it, but it looks like it was the fourth official who saw the incident," said O'Neill.

"I can only go by what Neil has said and he told me that the guy came in late and then he was headbutted.

"I haven't seen the pictures yet. But, if people are guilty, they have to face the consequences."
Inverness are to appeal against Juanjo's red card.

Juanjo wins red card appeal

Inverness Caledonian Thistle winger Juanjo has won his appeal against the red card he received against Celtic last weekend.

Juanjo had been accused of a head butt against Celtic's Neil Lennon, who was previously cleared of any wrongdoing.

But the Scottish FA video review panel decided that the Spaniard was wrongly dismissed by referee Dougie McDonald.

Juanjo is now free of suspension and will be available to face Dundee United at Tannadice on Saturday.

He had been shown the red card after fourth official Alan Freeland drew the incident to McDonald's attention.

Caley Thistle manager John Robertson had been bemused as to why Juanjo was sent off while Lennon escaped punishment after the pair clashed.

"The fourth official has seen something, but the referee has only sent our guy off," he said.

"Neil Lennon raised his hand and Juanjo's done something back.

"The fourth official says he saw a movement of Juanjo's head towards Lennon, but that is clearly not what happened in this incident."


By Grant McCabe
13 Mar 2004. Daily Record

A PERVERT photographer was snared when cleaners at Celtic Park uncovered a bin bag full of photos of naked boys. John Cullen,who worked for official club magazine The Celtic View, took pictures of nude and semi-naked youths.

And he was snared after a hoard of the snaps were discovered inside Parkhead stadium.

Cullen's antics went unknown for almost 20 years, Glasgow Sheriff Court heard.

In May 2002, cleaners had been clearing out a storeroom where the 49-year-old kept his camera equipment.

They discovered a black bag and opened it to check if it was rubbish.

But they were left sickened when they found bundles of pictures of young boys. They showed the youngsters in various states of undress, with some completely naked.

Celtic chiefs were alerted and they called in the police.

Cullen, of Pollokshaws, Glasgow, was probed about the 250 pictures.

He admitted inviting the boys to a house in Glasgow in 1982 before getting them to pose for the camera.

The snaps were locked away in his Parkhead store-room for years with him thinking they would not be found.

Despite the help of Scotland Yard's special paedophile unit, the identities of the youths, reckoned to be aged 10 to 13, were never discovered.

Cullen was dismissed from Celtic Park in June 2002.

He admitted lewd and libidinous conduct and will be sentenced next month.

A spokesman for Celtic said: 'We condemn criminal behaviour of this kind.'

Six years ago, ex-Celtic Boys' Club chief Jim Torbett was jailed after being found guilty of sexually abusing three young players in the 60s and 70s.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Celtic fans taunt U.S. captain with airplane gesture (Osama Bin Laden)

GLASGOW, Scotland (AP) -- American midfielder Claudio Reyna of Glasgow Rangers was taunted by a fan imitating an airplane in a "disgusting" gesture recalling the Sept. 11 terror attacks in the United States.

Reyna, captain of the U.S. national team, was named to a 23-man roster on Sunday ahead of Sunday's World Cup qualifier against Jamaica in Foxboro, Mass. (2 p.m.; ABC). A loss would virtually eliminate the U.S. from the 2002 World Cup finals.

However, he limped off the field in the second half Sunday in his first game back after a groin injury. According to the Rangers official Web site, the club has no major injury worries over Reyna, but his status for Sunday is not known.

Said Rangers team doctor Gert Goudswaard: "Claudio hurt his knee when he collided with the post and, although it is causing him some pain, we managed to get ice on it quickly and it's not too badly swollen."

But is wasn't his injury that drew headlines on Monday.

"It's disgusting to think about it because of how horrible the tragedy was and how someone could stoop that low," Reyna said Monday after Rangers was beaten 2-0 by Celtic at Rangers' Ibrox stadium.

The "Old Firm" match is one of the most bitterly contested in world soccer, with the clubs divided along mostly sectarian lines -- Roman Catholics supporting Celtic and Protestants behind Rangers.

A Celtic fan made the plane gesture toward Reyna as he was taking a corner kick.

"I did honestly think about it afterward and I was surprised," Reyna told STV Scotland Today. "I thought that if anything it [the tragedy] would teach people to unite and not to act like that.

"I wouldn't care even if he had had a lot to drink, you wouldn't think that something as sick as that would come into someone's mind. If they can punish the person they should because that's pretty awful. Or they should at least point it out to the fans because it's just uncalled for."

A Celtic spokeswoman, who asked not to be named in keeping with club policy, said the guilty fan would be "banned for life." She said his "blurry" image was caught by at least one newspaper. She said video footage of the incident had not been located.

"This one person has managed to drag the supporters into the mud with the lowest and most despicable behavior imaginable," she said.

Meanwhile, two planeloads of Northern Ireland residents who attended Sunday's game arrived home a day late Monday in Belfast after airline pilots decided they were too drunk to fly following the match.

The passengers included supporters of Celtic and Rangers. Ferries that serve the Belfast-Scotland routes before for Celtic-Rangers games often segregate the two sets of fans on alternate decks.


Celtic fans mocks 9/11

Celtic fans can clearly be seen mocking American Claudia Reyna by making aeroplane gestures as he takes a corner kick just weeks after the 9/11 atrocities.

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