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Celtic star in Racist Storm
IT LOOKED like yet another bizarre ritual performed by a footballer. But the moment Celtic star Ki Sung-Yeung made a "monkey face" gesture to Japanese fans after scoring a goal in the 2011 Asia Cup semi-final they were after the young South Korean's blood.

Rather than face the music for impersonating a slack-jawed monkey scratching its face - interpreted in both Japan and Korea as mockery of the Japanese - Ki decided the best form of defence was attack and blamed the racist abuse he suffered at the hands of football fans in Scotland for his action.

He said: "That performance was not directed at Japanese people. When I play at Celtic, our opponents' fans call me a monkey and the celebration was towards people who make such racist remarks."

The incident comes two months after the SPL launched an investigation into the behaviour of a group of St Johnstone fans, who barked at him and sang: "Who ate all the dogs?"

The Perth fans' taunts, on 30 October at a game at St Johnstone's McDiarmid Park, which Celtic won 3-1, were understood to be a reference to the use of dogs in some Korean cuisine.

Last night, Ged Grebby, chief executive of campaign group Show Racism the Red Card, said Ki had been guilty of racism in making the gesture to Japanese fans - and they accused Ki of attacking Scottish fans to deflect criticism from his own actions.

Mr Grebby said: "We'd take any incident of racism in Scotland seriously. But I find it strange that Ki links his action to racism in Scotland and see this as him trying to deflect criticism. He is a player who should know better and who has made an error."

But Tommy Dornan, president of Greenock Celtic supporters' club, defended the player's claims last night, saying racism continued to be a problem in Scotland.

He said: "It's a sad thing that in this day and age that racism rears its ugly head in football. But I find it astounding that Show Racism the Red Card has got involved when they chose not to when Celtic fans were insulted by the singing of the 'Famine song' and also by the fact they did little when Japanese Celtic player Shunsuke Nakamura was getting racist abuse"


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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Celtic fan convicted of sectarian breach of the peace


A CELTIC fan nicked for bawling out sectarian songs on a train has been banned from EVERY football ground in Britain.

Ryan Balloch, of Glasgow, was among 11 supporters arrested as they travelled home from Edinburgh after the Hoops beat Hearts last May.

Last week at Glasgow Sheriff Court Balloch, 20, was handed the one-year banning order and fined £400 after he was convicted of causing a sectarian breach of the peace.

Police banning orders boss Lyndsey Gray said the restriction "hits fans where it hurts".
She said: "Football is their life."

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Celtic fans riot in Berwick

Below is log from the train company transporting Celtic supporters on 9/1/11 from Berwick to Glasgow.

Witnesses seen scores of Celtic fans fighting with one another throughout the town. The Celtic team bus was also attacked.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Celtic fan suspected in Toronto vandalism and religious hate probe

The New Year brought reminders of old tensions for Toronto fans of two Scottish soccer teams with a deep and long-running rivalry in Northern Ireland.

Members of the Glasgow Rangers Supporters Club arrived at their Scarborough clubhouse Saturday morning to find the front window shattered, a brick lying in shards of glass.

Across a sign bearing their club’s name, a Gaelic message was scrawled in black marker: “Tiocfiadh ar la,” a popular slogan within Northern Ireland’s nationalist movement meaning, “Our day will come.”

Underneath that, another message in black: “Dirty Orange Bastards.”

There are no greater rivals in the Scottish Premier League than Rangers and Celtic, and their fans are split along the political and religious lines that fuelled decades of unrest.

Though based in Scotland, the teams have legions of fans in Northern Ireland. Rangers count Protestant loyalists among their rabid fans. And Celtic attracts equally impassioned support from Catholic nationalists.

Given the graffiti’s political undertones, police will be questioning members of the Toronto Celtic Supporters Club on Midland Ave., a 10-minute drive from the Rangers’ clubhouse on Ellesmere Rd.

“There’s no evidence right now to link them,” only a suspicion from Rangers’ club owners, said Staff Sgt. Kevin Murrell, adding that police have yet to determine whether the incident qualifies as a hate crime.

“You can’t read too much into it, in certain terms, unless you determine who the suspects were and what their motives were in writing that,” Murrell said.

Jim Maxwell, president of the Rangers club, said he suspects someone from the Celtic club is responsible, though he chalks it up to a bit of New Year’s Eve debauchery.

Still, the incident left him a bit uneasy.

“You don’t know if it could happen again. Some silly person had something on their mind and acted on it, I guess,” he said.

The tensions that run high between fans in Northern Ireland don’t really exist here, Maxwell said, and Scarborough’s clubhouses are particularly friendly.

They’ve even been known to share a keg of Guinness if one runs out, said a member of the Celtic executive, who would only identify himself as Brian.

“We deplore any action like that against the Rangers club or any other club, for that matter,” he told the Star from the Midland Ave. clubhouse, where fans had gathered Sunday morning to watch the Celtic beat the Rangers 2-0.

IRA Supporting Celtic fan is yob suspect

THE pro-IRA boyfriend of ex-Celtic boss Gordon Strachan's niece has been accused of being a yob at a Hoops game.

Sean Hadden, 20, was charged with breach of the peace after a match earlier this season, we can reveal.
We told yesterday how the boyfriend of Ellis Paterson, 18, posed alongside a vile terrorist slogan at Ibrox Stadium.
His shame came just over a year after a former boyfriend of Ellis also embarrassed Strachan by flashing an IRA flag at the Rangers ground while he was still manager at Parkhead.
It's now emerged that Hadden, of Keith, Moray, was nabbed for an alleged offence at a Hoops game last October. The trainee brickie was held as his team won 2-1 at Dundee United.
Last night a Tayside Police spokesman confirmed: "A 20-year-old man was arrested and charged with a breach of the peace at Tannadice Park."
Yesterday Hadden was unavailable for comment at his family's bungalow home.
The lout and his dad Keith, a former Highland League ref, are thought to have season tickets for Parkhead. Last night Celtic said a probe into the youth's actions was under way - with Hadden facing a footy BAN.
A spokesman said: "We will be speaking to our counterparts at Rangers, because apparently that is where the incident is said to have taken place."
A neighbour, who did not want to be named, said: "Sean is polite and friendly." It's thought he met Ellis - the daughter of Strachan's sister Laura - after moving to Aberdeen to work.

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Celtic boss' family second IRA shame

Smirking lout ... Sean Hadden grins and raises his fist next to sickening IRA graffiti at Ibrox

FORMER Celtic boss Gordon Strachan's niece Ellis Paterson has brought more shame on her family by dating a SECOND pro-IRA lout.

Her new boyfriend Sean Hadden was snapped grinning and raising a fist next to terrorist slogans daubed on seats at Rangers' Ibrox ground.

It comes less than two years after her ex Aaron Laing was banned from Celtic Park after he was pictured waving an Irish tricolour flag with 'IRA' daubed on it.
Hadden, 20, posted the twisted picture of himself on Bebo on Sunday - just hours after both halves of the Old Firm honoured the 66 Gers fans who died in the Ibrox Disaster 40 years ago.
web rants ... Ellis and Hadden with pals
web rants ... Ellis and Hadden with pals
In a sickening rant on his web page Hadden, of Keith, Morayshire, also brands Rangers supporters "Huns", "bigots" and "Orange bastards".
Ellis, 18 - the daughter of Strachan's sister Laura - also made a foul outburst on her Facebook page after Celtic's 2-0 win over Rangers at the weekend. She wrote: "Happy New Year! The Bhoys f*** the Huns."
But furious fans of both the Ibrox giants and the Hoops last night blasted Hadden for posting the snap on a day of remembrance. Gers supporter Craig Stewart wrote on the net: "I'm disgusted that these scumbags are not only glorifying terrorism but they choose to do it on a sacred day in the history of Rangers Football Club when we are mourning the deaths of the 66 victims of the Ibrox Disaster."
David Kerr said: "I am a Rangers fan and found that the Celtic support on Sunday were very respectful during the silence and generally well behaved the whole game. But it goes to show how a small minority of idiots can land the whole fanbase being labelled thugs."

Even Celtic supporters rounded on Hadden. Scott Crombie blasted: "I am truly disgusted." Rangers have launched a probe. A spokeswoman said: "We will investigate."
Hadden claims to be a season ticket-holder in the Lisbon Lions stand at Parkhead and insists he goes to every away match.
Last night he was not at his home. Ellis was not available for comment at her home in Aberdeen.
A representative for Strachan, 53, - who is without a club after leaving Middlesbrough last year - declined to comment.
Ex-Celtic boss ... Gordon Strachan
Ex-Celtic boss ... Gordon Strachan
Strachan was left embarrassed while he was Hoops boss when Ellis' then-boyfriend Laing was banned from Celtic Park after he was pictured waving the Irish flag with 'IRA' written on it in 2009.
Laing claimed the stunt was "drunken stupidity" after finding the flag beside his seat.
At the time he said: "Well, that's my life over, then. It was a moment of drunken stupidity. I regret it completely. I'm ashamed."
When the scandal broke, Ellis' father David insisted she would not see Laing again.
But last night he refused to discuss the picture of her latest yob boyfriend Hadden.

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Celtic fans desecrate minutes silence

Sick Celtic fans again brought shame on themselves by during a silent minutes remembrance for those who tragically died in the Ibrox disaster.

"It would be pleasing to report that it passed without a sound, but is this possible in a stadium crammed full of people? Coughing that was too sustained to be dismissed as simply signs of the flu epidemic gripping the country was heard, while one supporter's attempt to start a slow hand-clap was quickly shooshed down."

"As the stadium fell still on ref Craig Thomson's whistle, a cough came from the Celtic End. Then another. Then another and another and lots more anothers until it was as clear as the red nose on a flu-ridden reindeer's face that this was an orchestrated effort to make a point. "

In 1999 Celtic fans also desecrated the memory for 96 Liverpool supporters who tragically died at Hillsborough
Celtic fans desecrate minutes silence for Hillsborough disaster


SUNDAY MAIL, April 18, 1999.

GED BRANNAN stood stock still amid the eerie minute's silence at Celtic Park yesterday and thought of the mate who died in the hell of Hillsborough.

He wanted a dignified moment to honour a friend the Motherwell midfielder had once kicked a ball around with before he had the life squeezed out of him at the Leppings Lane End.

This was the grim tenth anniversary of that awful April afternoon when 96 Liverpool fans perished in a sickening crush on the terraces before the FA Cup semi-final clash with Nottingham Forest.

It was an emotional moment for Brannan and he stood head bowed until a Celtic fan hollered: "Who ate all the pies, ya fat *******" at former Rangers keeper Andy Goram.

That provoked a furious response from ill-advised Well fans then an Irish voice from the Hoops' section bellowed "IRA" and "Free the Prisoners".

The name Graham Wright will mean NOTHING to them. It is etched forever on the mind of Brannan.

And he fumed: "I thought it was absolutely shocking, a bloody disgrace. For God's sake 96 people died and they want to shout through the silence.

"Those who did that have no respect for those people and none for themselves.

"I lost a friend at Hillsborough and it knocked my hometown for six. How can people think that doesn't mean anything?

"I felt like running over to the stand and grabbing whoever did that by the throat."

Ged was just a 17-year-old kid back then and playing for his own team ruined his plans of making the pilgrimage to Sheffield to see his Kop heroes.

Instead he sat dumbstruck at home and watched the worst disaster in British sporting history unfold before his eyes.

Yesterday should have been a time for silent tears, instead he will have woken up this morning angry and bewildered.

And he rapped: "How can they disregard it the way they did. Celtic fans were booing our supporters but I felt the shouts came from their area.

"To their credit when the silence finished I heard the vast majority of the stadium boo those who wrecked it and I thought that was great.

"But those who did that deserve to be banned for life. And not just from Celtic. They should be barred from EVERY ground in Scotland."

Ged phoned his girlfriend down south after the match to tell her of the shame of a minute's silence that saw one Celtic fan arrested and another ejected from the ground.
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