Thursday, March 12, 2009

Celtic fans in the frame for woman's train attack

Evening News - Scotland
August 12, 2002

DRUNKEN yobs who assaulted a city woman on a train are thought to have been Celtic fans masquerading as bank workers.

The woman was travelling alone when a crowd of men shouted abuse at her before groping her as she tried to flee the carriage.

It was understood the attackers were part of a group who had booked on to the London to Edin-burgh train as a delegation from the Bank of Scotland. But today it emerged the attackers are thought to have been Celtic supporters travelling back from a pre-season friendly game in London.

It is believed a Celtic-supporting Bank of Scotland employee had used his position to block-book a train carriage . Police are investigating claims the booking was for members of an Capital-based Celtic supporters club.

Many train firms are reluctant to take block-bookings from groups of football fans, but are happy to take such bookings from banks.

One fan, who does not want to be named but is a member of an Edinburgh-based Celtic supporters' club, admitted: "The tickets were booked through one of our members who is an employee at the Bank of Scotland."

The woman, who lives in the New Town and is in her mid-50s, reported the incident to British Transport Police when the 18.30 service from Kings Cross pulled in at Waverley on July 14.

A British Transport Police spokesman said inquiries were ongoing. He added that no charges have yet been brought.
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