Monday, March 29, 2010

Monsters Walk Among Us - Celtic fans organisation drags their club through the mire

Just when you think they can't get any lower - Celtic Supporters Association let their club down again.

Not content with allowing their HQ to be used as venue for terrorist tunes the General Secretary of the CSA has launched a revolting attack on Falklands veteran Simon Weston.

A repulsive creature named Joe O'Rourke has penned a sickening article on their official website which also opposes a minute's silence for Rangers keeper Gerry Neef who died during the week,

Honouring a former soldier for his charity work is apparently "triumphalism" and remembering a former player is "provocation."

Quite how twisted this reprobate is is exemplified by him warbling about tensions being high because of oil-exploration beginning around the Falkland Islands! As if your average hate-filled Timmy high on a cocktail of meths and sectarianism has an appreciation of the geo-politics of the South Atlantic.

Is a brief minute of humanity too much to ask?

If Celtic Football Club are serious about dragging themselves into the real world then this filth needs to be cleansed.

The article -
CSA Committee -

Neil Lennon, The Celtic Manager

Monday, March 1, 2010


A SICK Celtic fan taunts brave Falklands hero Simon Weston - by waving an ARGENTINA shirt during yesterday's Old Firm clash.

The vile stunt came as war veteran Simon - who suffered horrific burns in the conflict - was a guest of Rangers' charity at Ibrox.

Furious ex-Army major Mike Rumbles MSP said: "It is totally unacceptable. This mindless rivalry between Old Firm fans has now hit a new low. This is deplorable."

It's claimed other Hoops fans heaped more shame on their club during their 1-0 defeat by chanting the name of the South American country and waving its flag.

Former SAS commander and top civil servant Clive Fairweather said: "It is very extreme and disappointing."

And Stephen Smith, of the Rangers Supporters' Trust, added: "It's a disgrace that this abuse was directed at one of the country's war heroes.

"There's no excuse for this type of behaviour."

Hero Simon, 48, suffered agonising burns to almost half his body when his ship the Sir Galahad was destroyed by an Argentinian bomb during the 1982 conflict.

He was the guest of honour at a special Rangers Charity Foundation's lunch the day before the Ibrox side's 1-0 victory.

Celtic fans had claimed earlier this week that his appearance was deliberately designed to provoke them.

One poster on the Celtic Supporters' Association website wrote: "This is a decision taken at the very highest level hoping to get a reaction from the Celtic fans.

"Why didn't they present him with a jersey the day before Remembrance Sunday?"

Celtic fans were also blasted for not respecting a minute's silence held yesterday for former Ibrox keeper Gerry Neef, who died last week.

Rangers supporters' chief John Macmillan said: "It was a tiny minority who broke the silence but that is all you need."
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