Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Celtic fans have again proclaimed their love for terrorist murderers by using the line from IRA slogan 'Out Of The Ashes Arose The Provisionals' for their latest "Display" at Celtic park (22/8/09)

A group of Celtic fans/republican fascists known as the 'Green Brigade' were responsible.

The 'Green Brigade' of course aren't the brightest bunch of sectarian bigots. Their most famous display was at Hibernian's Easter Road in 2007 where they were ridiculed by the home support for spelling 'Celtic' wrong (they incredibly managed to miss out the 'i') on this banner made from used bed sheets.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Celtic fan mocks disaster victims

Hot on the heels of the story below breaking this image of a sick Celtic supporter mocking the disaster at Ibrox stadium where 66 people died appeared on one of their fansites.

With a quick google search It appears this Celtic supporters view is held by many of his fellow fans.

Hillsborough slur shirt

Sports Direct also immediately changed its printing policy after a Red Devils fan posted images of the shirt on the social networking website Facebook.

The fan paid £55 for the shirt and the slur to be printed about the 1989 disaster which killed 96 Liverpool FC fans.

On it, he chose the number 96 and under it the words "Not Enough". Above the number were the letters YSB - which stands for You Scouse B*****ds. The man's Facebook page was shut down.

Sports Direct said the employee who marked up the shirt did not know what the message meant. But Margaret Aspinall, whose son James, 18, was killed at Hillsborough, said she did not believe that.

Mrs Aspinall, chairman of the Hillsborough Family Support Group, said: "I think Sports Direct are worse than the guy who wanted it put on the back of his shirt. Printing that message is like inciting trouble, it is an absolute disgrace and Sports Direct should be ashamed.

"It is terrible for people who lost someone at Hillsborough to think their loved ones died so this guy can go to watch football in safety."

Sports Direct has 470 stores nationwide and is owned by Mike Ashley, owner of Newcastle Utd FC.

A company spokesman said: "Sports Direct has been notified that an extremely offensive and wholly inappropriate football shirt was printed at one of its stores. The store assistant printed this unknowingly and has been deeply shocked upon being notified of the significance of this and the upset caused.

"As a result, Sports Direct has taken immediate action and changed the administration policy for printing football shirts across its store network. With immediate effect, it will only allow printing of current football players names and numbers on football shirts."

Celtic fans indulge in violence and racist abuse against Arsenal

Above is a screen capture from Celtic supporters message forum www.thehuddleboard.com describing another evening of shame at Celtic Park. Arsenal player Andrei Arshavin was struck by a missile from the Celtic end 17 minutes into their Champions League qualifier defeat.

Close by a Celtic fan then turned on their own player Marc-Antoine Fortune calling him a "black bastard".

Several Celtic fans were also heard shouting "English Bastards!" at the visiting supporters.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Celtic fans riot against St Mirren


Ibrox pitch invasion during the second half of the 1962 Scottish Cup Final semi-final match between Celtic and St Mirren, match abandoned and mounted police arrive.

A fight between Celtic fans on the terracing leads to fans spilling on to the pitch at Ibrox, while Celtic goalkeeper Frank Haffey tries in vain to shepherd them off.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Police appeal as ambulance targeted by Celtic fans


Tuesday, 11th August 2009

Police are appealing for information after an ambulance had a window smashed as it was being driven in Banknock.

The incident occurred around 3.25pm on Sunday August 9.

Chief Inspector Bob Beaton said: “This was a despicable crime and we are keen to speak to anyone with information.

“The incident occurred as the ambulance travelled along Hollandbush Crescent near to the junction with Ballinkeir Avenue.

“It was forced to stop as a man, who was bare chested, crossed the road in front of them. When they stopped, a window in the rear of the ambulance was smashed.

“A group of men were seen near to the junction and we are keen to trace them.”

Police are keen to trace four men seen in the area at the time.

The man who crossed the road and force the ambulance to stop is described as 5’7 – 5’8, late 20s-early 30s.

A second man was described as wearing a light blue jumper, balding with dark hair at the side, wearing a Celtic top beneath a jersey, jeans and believed to be in his early 30s.

A third man had blond hair and was wearing a Celtic top with jeans.

The fourth man was described as 5’8”, brown hair, a tattoo on the back of his neck, and was wearing a green coloured jumper and jeans.

Anyone with information can contact Central Scotland Police on 01786 456000 or information can be given anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Celtic fans wreck City of Manchester stadium

Celtic fans leave their mark on Manchester on Saturday.

Celtic fans caught sing IRA songs in manchester

Manchester's view on Celtic fans


Published in the on line version of the Manchester Evening News.

What a nasty set of fans came from Glasgow(?) there was abuse, intimidation, bullying and a downright nasty atmosphere from this lot. A Manchester Pipe band was booed for not 'being' Scottish yet the Irish Tricolore was the most abundant flag in the Celtic end so please tell me Celtic fans what are you Irish or Scottish? There was the most violence I have ever seen at COMS with very very drunk Celtic fans mainly starting trouble because they were not allowed to drink at home fans only pubs. Me,my son and my wife were spat at verbally abused and attempts at intimidation were made because we would not agree that Rangers were the 'Scottish problem'. I hope we never play this 'team' again because our goodwill backfired because we beat this very bitter Klan.

Celtic fans stone toddler

I just want to say a big thank you to all of you who left messakind s on here and Facebook.

My son is doing great, obviously he is now terrified of going anywhere near COMS but as he is only three there there is time for him to try and forget what happened.

For the people who dont know what happened, Freddie my three year son took a driect hit to his head from a stone that was the same size as a half a house brick, We were near Asda car park and Some idiot celtic fans singled me, my girldfriend and our two todlers out. Its was only thanks to a passing car that we get away without further Injury. (just to add that the car was driven by a UTD fan)

MY son was taken to hospital and had stiches in his head and was released later last night.

So thank you all for your messages.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009



By Ron Moore, 01/08/2009

OUCHSKI! This is the moment a Russian football thug was knocked out by a brick during a fierce street battle in Glasgow this week.

Our exclusive pictures show Dinamo Moscow fans brawling with rival Celtic casuals.

The soccer war - before the Champions League qualifier at Parkhead on Wednesday - left one lout lying unconscious after he was hit by a flying missile.

The thug was later dragged away by his Russian pals before cops and an ambulance arrived.

The riot was sparked when around 20 Dinamo hooligans armed with bottles, bricks and bits of wood charged a group of Hoops casuals in the city centre.

A witness to the mayhem - which left one Celtic fan with a gashed forehead - said: "It was like a scene from the Wild West. It's amazing nobody was killed.

"The Russian thugs travelled thousands of miles with the sole intention of causing trouble here.

"The mob were screaming and they looked drunk. Some may even have been on DRUGS."

A police spokeswoman said: "We received reports of groups fighting in George Street. Officers attended but the trouble had dispersed by then. Police spoke to one fan who had a facial injury but he declined assistance."

The brawl has raised fears for the return leg in Moscow on Wednesday.

Around 1,500 Celtic fans will make the trip, even though their team trail 1-0.

Last night a Celtic spokesman said: "Our supporters have an enviable record of conduct when travelling in Europe and we would expect next week's trip to be no different."
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