Friday, September 19, 2008

MP snubs Celtic invites because of sectarian singing

Published: 19/8/08

A FRESH sectarian singing row flared last night after the Ulster sports minister hinted he may snub an invite to Celtic Park in protest at IRA tunes sung by their fans.

Gregory Campbell, a DUP MP, has written to Hoops chairman and former Northern Ireland secretary John Reid condemning IRA chants from Celtic fans at Motherwell last week.

Mr Campbell was asked to be a guest at the home of the SPL champions after claiming he and his wife suffered sectarian abuse by fans on a ferry.

But, speaking in his role as East Londonderry MP, he said: “The recent songs about the IRA would suggest an awful lot more work needs to be done.

“It would call into question attendance at the ground.”

But he praised Celtic and Rangers for trying to tackle the problem of bigots at games.

A Celtic spokesman vowed to consider his letter and added: “We are pleased Mr Campbell recognises the great work which Celtic has carried out in tackling sectarianism.”

Celtic fans and their fascist views - where do they come from?

Hopefully these links will help to educate people why Celtic fans love the IRA and are prone to making Nazi salutes when faced with Israeli opposition.

Bigoted Celtic Fans shame themselves, Ireland & Scotland again

Sectarian Celtic supporters have again shrouded the club in Sectarian & Pro IRA/fascist shame. They took a line from an IRA (we're on the road again) song often sung by their fans and made a banner from it.

full song lyrics:
here we go again we're on the road again
we're on the road again we're on the way to paradise
we love the jungle deep. that's where the lion sleeps
for then those evil eyes they have no place in paradise

graffiti on the wall just as the sun was going down
i see graffiti on the wall - of the celts! of the celts!
graffiti on the wall it says we're magic we're magic
graffiti on the wall.............................

it says oh ah up the ra, say ooh ah up the ra
it says oh ah up the ra, say ooh ah up the ra
it says oh ah up the ra, say ooh ah up the ra
it says oh ah up the ra, say ooh ah up the ra

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rev's car is trashed by 'bigots'

By JOE O’BRIEN, The Sun, 18/8/09

“BIGOTED” schoolboy thugs trashed a minister’s £18,000 car outside a church as she led mourners at a funeral service.
Two yobs hurled bricks and stones at Rev Agnes Moore’s Vauxhall Vectra at Bellshill West Church in Lanarkshire.

Fear ... Reverend Moore
A church officer who witnessed the attack said the teenage vandals hurled sectarian abuse as they caused £5,000 of damage to the motor.

The thugs — believed to be from the town’s Cardinal Newman High School — smashed the front and back windows and dented every panel of the vehicle’s bodywork.

A distraught Rev Moore, 56, said last night: “When I saw the damage I burst into tears. I am broken hearted. I got very little help from the school or the police.

“My church officer has been left quite badly shaken by this. He got a bit of a fright as they were hurling all sorts of sectarian abuse at him and throwing bricks.”

Cardinal Newman head teacher Isobel Boyd rejected claims the school hadn’t done enough in trying to track down the culprits. Police said they are investigating.

Spanish government intervene in Celtic fans death threats

By ALAN CARSON, The Sun 18/9/08

SPAIN has become the latest country to be caught up in an Old Firm storm — this time over death threats to Rangers star Nacho Novo.

Diplomats with the Spanish Consul General in Edinburgh last night confirmed they have launched their own probe into the sick stunt by internet bigots.

Last night Spanish consular spokesman Federico Palomera said: “We have made it known to the relevant authorities.”

They are acting on complaints they received against yobs who posted Spaniard Novo’s home address on a Hoops supporters’ website.

The posting on the popular Huddleboard followed suggestions on some internet chatrooms that Rangers players should be seen as targets for attack.

Furious Ibrox security chiefs contacted Strathclyde Police bosses, demanding an investigation into the Novo web threat.

They also ordered security staff to patrol outside the 29-year-old’s Glasgow home amid fears for the footballer and his family.

Yesterday a source revealed: “It appears the Consul General was contacted after they felt the authorities were failing to act on the Novo situation.

“Not only did Novo have his address posted on a website, rival fans also sing a song which features lyrics praying he will be murdered in his sleep.”

The Ibrox ace has been targeted by opposing fans since turning down a move to Celtic to join Rangers from Dundee in 2004.

Months later, he complained to cops after thugs sprayed “Novo RIP” near his home after an Old Firm victory against the Hoops.

Last night, the Rangers Supporters Trust welcomed the Novo probe.

Spokesman Stephen Smith said: “This move is a logical response to a dishonest campaign motivated by sectarian bile and a sick desire to score points regardless of the truth.”

Rangers declined to comment on the matter.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Celtic supporters sectarian shame

TWISTED yobs painted sickening sectarian graffiti on a pub linked to Rangers legend Andy Goram.

The vandals struck just days after we told how Goram, 44, left, and a pal planned to turn the Stonefield Tavern in Blantyre, Lanarkshire, into a Gers-themed bar.

Vile slogans including “IRA” and Irish Republican warcry “Tiocfaidharla” — our day will come — were plastered over walls.

The vandals also left personal insults to Goram and the initials “CFC” in green paint.

Anti-sectarian group Nil By Mouth said: “It is the latest example of unacceptable behaviour in Scottish life.”

Celtic Fans vandalise pub with IRA + Celtic graffiti

Celtic Fans vandalise pub with IRA + Celtic graffiti at the pub owned by former Rangers player Andy Goram.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Sectarianism rife amongst Celtic fans

Celtic fans singing in the South stand upper of Fir park v Motherwell. 13/9/08

Celtic fans attack boy of 12 in sectarian attack

The mother of a 12-year-old boy who was attacked by a gang in Londonderry on Saturday has said he is now afraid to go into the city centre on his own.

Una McFarland said her son, Caelin, was attacked by up to 12 males on London Street at about 1630 BST on Saturday.
She said it was the first time her son had gone into the city centre alone.
"They grabbed him by the necklace and they punched him about the head and neck and he fell to the ground," his mother said.
"He got up pretty quickly because he knew to stay on his feet and then he tried to walk away.
"They kept saying to him, 'Who do you support, who do you support'?"
"I know I wouldn't like him going up the town now," she said.
In a separate incident on Saturday, a 14-year-old boy was assaulted by a gang of youths in Irish Street. Two 15-year-olds have been arrested.

And in the Triangle area of the Waterside a man was attacked by three men wearing Celtic football jerseys.
The PSNI have said the attacks may have been sectarian.
DUP MLA William Hay said sectarianism was "a cancer in society".
"These attacks are ongoing and it could take a generation before we get this cancer out of our society, and this is the tragedy.
"There are people out there who still believe that the only way they can deal with some of the issues they feel so strongly about is to attack another community," he said.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


This is not the first Celtic fan to threaten the host of Real Radio phone. Other Celtic fans have previously posted his home address on one of their fan forums and posted where his CHILDREN go to school.


posted on Huddleboard 02.23 4/9/08

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ex Celtic manager slams Neil Lennon
"After such a heavy Old Firm defeat the sensible thing to do would have been to stay indoors.

I know you can’t stop people going out and having fun, but there is a time and place for everything — and Sunday night was not the time for Lenny to go out.

When I was playing with Celtic me and the lads used this bar/restaurant on St Vincent Street.

We’d go out together as a team and all our wives would be with us.

We knew we’d be out of harm’s way and we could relax and enjoy our evening.

Times have changed for sure. But when I look back to my playing days I can honestly say I never really wanted to hit the town after any defeat, let alone a defeat to Rangers.

Look at big Stephen McManus. Do you think that the Celtic captain fancied a few beers with his mates on Sunday night? Not likely.

He’d know exactly how the Celtic fans were feeling and he would have headed home, drawn the curtains and crawled straight into bed.

Lennon’s timing could not have been WORSE.

He’s been in Glasgow long enough now to know these terrible things can happen, especially after an Old Firm game.

It’s not right but this is the shocking reality for Celtic and Rangers stars.

But remember, Lennon is no longer a player, he is a now a coach and that carries extra responsibility.

He really should have known better in my opinion.

Yet I know he will be regretting leaving the house on Sunday night. He will have apologised to everyone at the club, not least manager Gordon Strachan."

Neil Lennon

Star Nacho Novo under guard after threats from Celtic bigots

Sep 3 2008 By Keith Jackson
RANGERS star Nacho Novo was last night under guard at his home after bigots posted his address on the web.
Police were called in by the club after someone revealed the name of his street on a website. A distraught Novo said yesterday: "This is my home, my family stay here and no one will mess with my family."
The web posting came after suggestions in internet chatrooms that Rangers players should be regarded as targets for attack.
The views came amid a backlash to the assault on Celtic coach Neil Lennon, which sparked a large debate on whether Old Firm stars should feel free to socialise in Glasgow after Old Firm games. After Rangers striker Novo's street name was published, furious Rangers security supremo Ken Scott phoned Chief Superintendent Robin Howe, of Strathclyde Police, demanding an investigation.
He also ordered security guards to patrol outside Novo's Glasgow home.
An Ibrox insider said: "Posting someone's address takes the matter into a new dimension."
A police spokeswoman said last night: "We have received a complaint in relation to posts made on the internet. Our inquiries are continuing."

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Group of Celtic fans beat up rival fan

CELTIC fans were today urged to help police trace thugs who viciously attacked a man in a Glasgow train station.

The 29-year-old victim was left with a fractured jaw after four men rounded on him at Singer station.

He tried to escape by getting on a train, but the gang followed him and continued the assault until the train arrived at Dalmuir.

The incident happened at 6.50pm on Sunday after the first Old Firm derby of the new season.

The group - described as being in their late teens to early 20s and wearing green and white or white and yellow football tops - were captured on CCTV.

Detective Inspector John Harrington of British Transport Police said: "This was a particularly nasty attack.

"I am anxious to speak with anyone who was in the vicinity of Singer station around the time of the attack and who may have any information regarding the identity of those involved."

The victim of the attack, from Westerton, is recovering from head and facial injuries in the Western Infirmary.

Anyone with information on the incident should call BTP on 0800 405040 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

Celtic fans threaten lives of rivals' staff

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