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Yesterday, on Remembrance Sunday, The nation acknowledged the ultimate sacrifice made by Britain ’s war dead at the annual Remembrance Sunday ceremony. The Monarch joined senior royals, Prime Minister Gordon Brown and other political leaders in laying wreaths at the Cenotaph Memorial in Whitehall , central London . The solemn gesture took place in front of thousands of veterans who also gathered to pay their respects at this year’s events, which will culminate in the 90th anniversary of the end of the First World War on November 11th. A parade of serviceman and veterans followed (pictured above).

It should also be reported that at sporting events across the UK throughout the weekend, respectful and dignified minutes’ silences were observed to honour our service personnel. In every sporting arena save one. To their eternal shame, the officials of Glasgow Celtic Football Club bowed to a small minority of bigotted followers of extreme Irish republicanism within the ranks of their supporters and held a “minutes’ applause” instead of a minutes’ silence before their home Scottish Premier League soccer match against Motherwell at Celtic Park , Glasgow on Saturday. The rationale behind this craven surrender to mindless bigotry was reportedly that a minutes’ applause would drown out the noise of any dissent from deluded individuals who apparently perceive showing respect for the dead of 2 world wars and current conflicts as anti-Roman Catholic and/or anti-IRA. That Celtic Football Club, who have lost many players and countless supporters in the service of the British armed forces over the years, should give in to such bigoted nonsense is an indelible stain on the club’s good name and a disgraceful insult to the whole of Scotland . And the next time these same blinkered morons, so quick to portray themselves as “victims” and “targets for sectarianism”, call for a minutes’ silence at a Celtic football match for a dead Pope, they will have no cause for complaint if many in the crowd decide instead to show their “respect” by applauding the demise of a former German anti-aircraft gunner.


Thursday October 15,2009

By Andy McInnes
A FURIOUS row is brewing over how Falkirk and Celtic fans will be asked to show their respects at the Remembrance Day fixture on Sunday November 8.

Angry Bairns fans last night aired their fears on sports websites that a two minute applause rather than silence will be ordered by either the club or SPL officials before the game which will be shown live by ESPN kicks off.

One supporter posted a message saying he was " totally disgusted " at the thought of applauding and warned that such a move would make a farce of the day and would bring " bad publicity" for Scottish football as the match was being screened throughout the country.

While another called himself Bairn4life said " we should not give in to them ( Celtic) as it is supposed to be a time of reflection not joy " Another opposition fan declared : " It would be ridiculous if my club was to change things to suit a minority"

But last night Falkirk's Operations manager Keith Hogg insisted no decison had yet been taken on the issue and that they would be seeking guidance from the SPL .

" We haven't started our planning for the Celtic match yet." he added " In the past we have had applause to commemorate an individual as after the death of former player Paul McGrillen and we've also held a period of silence on other occasions when we felt that was the most appropriate action.

" We will be speaking to the SPL and seeking their guidance over the next couple of days before any decision is taken "

Last night SPL spokesman Greg Mailer revealed the issue would be raised today at a Board Meeting.

" As last year was the 90th anniversary of Armistace Day we teamed up with Poppy Scotland and asked clubs to do something special. But before that we did not dictate what anyone should do allowing individual clubs the choice between silence and applause.

1. Celtic FC is the only senior club in British football that refuses to fly the Union flag over their stadium!

2. Celtic FC does NOT allow British service personnel to wear their uniforms within their stadium!

3. Last night you had the managers of Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea & Hearts (None of whom come from these shores!) all wearing poppies to remember the dead and injured……….and what about the ENGLISH manager of Celtic???? To HIS shame he DID NOT show the same respect!!!

4. It's spoken about this privately and yet you read and hear very little in the national press or media. This is because if you speak out you are branded a bigot, who REALLY are the bigots?

5. “They” have a much more active PR others do, if they sing a word out of place then UEFA, the Irish Government, the BBC and the rest of the media are involved……making it front page headlines!

6. It is time that Celtic FC are named and shamed………… we need action…………..lets hear you voices…. Please, spread the word.
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