Thursday, October 8, 2009

Celtic fascists in IRA banner display

Celtic fans proudly displayed a banner honouring IRA murderer Tom Williams at Ibrox Park on 4th October 2009.

Tom Williams was member of the IRA who shot and murdered constable Pat Murphy of the RUC in 1942. Constable Murphy was a father of 9 children and the most ironic thing of all was that he was a practising Roman Catholic

Williams was tried along with 6 others and all were sentenced to be hung but 5 of them got a reprieve.

He was hung in Crumlin Road Jail and his body remained there until 2000 when he was re-buried.

More information on IRA atrocities supported by Celtic fans can be viewed at

To be fair and balanced I must congratulate the small group of Celtic fans who flew an anti-racist flag who have grown tired of the terrorist sing-a-longs and the recent racist abuse aimed at footballer Maurice Edu.

The flag read "Support Celtc, Not Racism"

Hopefully the majority of Celtic fans can start to follow this simple statement from a small band of their supporters.
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