Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Celtic and the IRA death squads
Wednesday, 14th October 2009

Celtic keep playing with fire and they've been burnt again. Collection for Continuity IRA prisoners at game.
I've always said Celtic were a Catholic club and not an Irish one. It is religion which is their motive force not nationality. Of course they have a vast and convoluted theology of apologia designed to deflect criticism but you can rip that down in seconds like Indiana Jones sweeping aside a thousands years of cobwebs as he examines some ancient tunnel.

Some Celtic directors, players, employees and fans continue to revel in the culture of sectarianism and violence. They dress it up by calling it political or cultural - what it comes down to is the cheap thrill of supporting violence from the side lines. But there comes a time for reckoning when their apologists can't explain away certain events.

Whilst most of Ireland has moved on 15 years after the first ceasefires why did the reptiles of Republican Sinn Fein feel they would have a good reception collecting money outside the Cliftonville v Celtic friendly game in Belfast last night?

All those nods and winks to republican violence that Celtic tolerate and shamefully promote.

Only the other week the Celtic View had a front page featuring Irishman Paddy McCourt in a red triangle and the slogan "Genius At Work." A little too close to the infamous South Armagh "Sniper At Work" sign to be be a coincidence?

All those nods, winks and sniggers with songs like "Let the people sing" over the Parkhead tannoy - they might be the stuff of a seemingly harmless night of hate in some East End slophouse but in Ulster they end with murdered policemen, with Protestants intimidated out of their homes, of bombs in town centres.

Ireland, however you define it, has moved on from the Troubles. Isn't it about time Celtic joined the rest of us and ditched their obsession with hate?
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