Thursday, November 5, 2009

Celtic fans vow violence in Hamburg

By Chris Costello, 25/10/2009 - News Of the World
Celtic fans plan to get their revenge when the teams meet again in Gemany a week on Thursday. A Hoops casual warned: "Hamburg's fans were out of order. We'll give them a taste of their own medicine."

Meanwhile, Hamburg's city rivals are set to throw a party for Celtic fans in a notorious RED LIGHT district.

Supporters of St Pauli - who have long-standing links to the Hoops - hope to stage a rock concert in the Reeperbahn before the Euro clash.

A cursory reading of the German press would have reveals this:

The riots at Rostock were started by St. Pauli supporters. This is verified by German television and newspapers. In the meantime the management of St. Pauli has apologised for the uproar. The club cannot understand why its [so-called] peaceful fans are starting trouble.

One St. Pauli player made obscene gestures to the Rostock supporters and is now being charged by the DFB (German Football Association). He will receive a two or three match suspension.

The ST. Pauli/Celtic love-in began in 1989 and in large part was as a reaction to a growing fan-friendship between Rangers and HSV fans (I will write a longer history of this association at a later date). There is also the, ahem, political interests of the fans of St. Pauli and Celtic. Both espouse a left-wing, non racist, non-sectarian, Marxist communist philosophy while, actually idolising violent terrorist murderers and dictators (someone really ought to tell the truth about Che Geuvara. Here is a wee start:

It should be understood that there is no such thing as an HSV- Sankt Pauli rivalry in the football sense. In footballing terms HSV is a giant; a “Tradtionsclub”, venerable and famous throughout Germany and the wider world, having won several German titles and the European Cup. HSV is also the only remaining member of Bundesliga never to have been relegated, having been there at the league’s inception in 1965 and still going strong. By contrast, ST Pauli is the equivalent of Clyde, unsuccessful, only occasionally in Bndesliga 1 and never lasting there more than a season, supported by the type of trendy politico fans who follow Partick Thistle.

Although, only up to a point, there is a hard core of political types who have attached themselves to St. Pauli and these are the group that has formed an association with the fans of Celtic. Many of these St. Pauli ‘activists’ freely admit their interest in football is minimal but it acts as a good cover for their wider ‘political interests’.

Now not every, St Pauli fan is ‘Celtic-minded’. The vast majority have no interest and a few actually prefer The Rangers. (I know about half-a-dozen younger guys who have visited Ibrox on more than one occasion and wear our colours with pride).

A few older St. Pauli fans also remember, with affection, when The Rangers played an unscheduled ‘friendly’ against St, Pauli in the 1970s (we had played HSV in the same week) in order to boost the club’s coffers, as it was threatened, with closure because of debts to the banks.

In an echo of this, about for years ago St. Pauli was again close to closure due to debt. You must remember, surely? St. Pauli's pals at Celtic arranged one of their famous and discreet one off games attended by 100,000 fans, with millions locked outside, with the proceeds being used to rescue Celtic's German brothers. Well, actually, Celtic FC didn’t do any such thing despite a request for help from the owners of St. Pauli.

In short, the ‘longstanding’ relationship between the Celtic and Hamburg’s” Brown and White Shite” is a reaction to the far older more decent and altogether ‘healthier’ relationship between fans of The Rangers and Hamburg Sport-Verein. There is, of course, nothing new in this: “Same old Sellick; always stealing [other people's ideas and turning them into self-aggrandising Celtic traditions]!”

After the game at the Celtic Park, one tabloid report from a frothing-at–the-mouth hack stated, that, the Celtic hordes would: “Have their revenge in Hamburg...” This is tantamount to encouraging violence at the HSH Nordbank Arena.

Reports from Hamburg state that at least 3000 St. Pauli supporters will be in and around the ground and that a lot of trouble is expected. In anticipation of this the police are planning to strictly segregate the opposing groups.

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