Monday, November 9, 2009


While every football club in Britain held a one minute silence in remembrance of the many lives lost during the two World Wars over the weekend one group of supporters failed to uphold the silence.

The Sky TV camera's were at the match between Falkirk and Celtic, but had to mute their broadcast to hide the shame of the Celtic fans that sang throughout the sixty seconds.

Below is footage that Sky attempted to hide.

Rangers and Celtic are hoping to become involved in the Premier League and a few Premier League clubs are backing the move, but do we really want clubs with supporters like this?

I'm not saying all Celtic fans are the same, but it does sound like a large number rather than a small minority. We witnessed what Celtic fans are capable of 30 years ago in the Anglo Scottish cup semi final that Burnley won with two 1-0 wins in both legs. That day was manic and those that went to the game that day all have bad memories.

Since then football has moved on and it is very rare that you see trouble at football or at least inside the stadium. The video clip above does make you wonder if Celtic fans have moved on though.

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