Monday, November 23, 2009

Celtic fans heard singing pro-IRA songs at Dundee United (video)

Many Celtic fans will have been dismayed by their club’s travelling support at Dundee United on Sunday, as the crowd were heard singing pro-IRA songs during the match.
The song, titled “Ooh Aah Up the Ra,” was heard during in the 76th minute of the match with United, with many in the crowd heard to loudly boo the Celtic fans once the chord was struck up.
For a long time now, certain elements of the Celtic crowd have identified themselves with the dissident Northern Ireland terrorist group. Celtic, a proudly Catholic club with a deep-rooted Irish heritage, boast many Irish fans and fans with an Irish background who have long held an association with the travails of the IRA, with arguments as to why this is the case stretching back to old battle lines from the Irish war of Independence back in 1916.
To make matters all the more volatile, this weekend witnessed a sharp upturn in violence in Belfast as a failed attack saw the republican gang dump a 400lb car bomb outside the headquarters of the Northern Ireland Policing Board on Saturday. Fortunately the bomb never went off, but in such a climate the Celtic songs will have struck the nerve that much more acutely.
Footage of the Celtic fans heard singing pro-IRA songs can be seen here.
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