Friday, August 31, 2012

Sectarian 'Hun' banned by Celtic (2001)

CELTIC have banned a popular term for their Ibrox rivals Rangers, warning fans they can no longer call them 'Huns'.

And while the move has been praised by many organisations, Celtic fans themselves say it is an example of political correctness gone too far.

The first fans knew of the ban was when some were thrown off the club's Internet site for using it.

The club has since revealed that any member of staff saying 'Hun' can face disciplinary action or sacked and fans may be asked to leave the ground if they use the word.

'Hun' has been used for years as a general insult for Rangers fans, but some groups have voiced concerns that it could be taken the wrong way, leading to Celtic's actions.

Celtic administrator John Cole said: "It's a word that can cause offence and at Celtic we don't want to be offending anyone, so we are asking that people who have a problem with this look at our social charter and other movements we are involved with."

A spokesman for the Church of Scotland said: "Anything that helps to combat bigotry is more than welcome and Celtic should be praised for it."

And Catholic Church spokesman Peter Cairney commented: "Celtic should be applauded for this move as it helps to remove barriers which cause offence."

A Celtic spokeswoman said: "We support the rights of the individual but will not tolerate behaviour or motivation that alienates others.

"All we ask is that people observe certain rules and ways of behaviour when associating themselves with Celtic."

But Celtic fans themselves see it as a political correct step too far.

Editor of the popular E-Tims fanzine Steve Clarke said: "Celtic, by their action, have managed to label practically every supporter a sectarian bigot."
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