Monday, August 10, 2009

Manchester's view on Celtic fans

Published in the on line version of the Manchester Evening News.

What a nasty set of fans came from Glasgow(?) there was abuse, intimidation, bullying and a downright nasty atmosphere from this lot. A Manchester Pipe band was booed for not 'being' Scottish yet the Irish Tricolore was the most abundant flag in the Celtic end so please tell me Celtic fans what are you Irish or Scottish? There was the most violence I have ever seen at COMS with very very drunk Celtic fans mainly starting trouble because they were not allowed to drink at home fans only pubs. Me,my son and my wife were spat at verbally abused and attempts at intimidation were made because we would not agree that Rangers were the 'Scottish problem'. I hope we never play this 'team' again because our goodwill backfired because we beat this very bitter Klan.
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