Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The truth behind Grampian Emerald Celtic Supporters’ Club

Last night Ellis’s dad David Paterson — Strachan’s brother-in-law and president of the Grampian Emerald Celtic Supporters’ Club — said that they had taken a dim view of Laing’s behaviour.

He said: “We are a family club, we encourage youngsters to come along and we absolutely do not condone this sort of thing.”

He said he was “very sorry” his daughter “had been caught up in all of this”, and added: “It’s not a surprise because of the family’s connection with Gordon Strachan.”

Oh really?

The IRA formed ‘flying columns’, mobile units each composed of around 35 men, serving for up to a week at a time. Tom Barry, a Great War veteran and Commandant of the West Cork Brigade, led a particularly active flying column:

Here's some of the jolly craicsters of the Grampian Emerald CSC

Here's his daughters bebo, note several sectarian slogans.
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