Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"Anzie" Timeline

Saturday May 9th 2009
Celtic fan pictured at Celtic end of Ibrox Stadium, Glasgow waving IRA banner

Sunday May 10th 2009
Parkhead chiefs vowed to deal with the ned.
A Celtic spokesman said: “If identified as a season ticket holder, this individual will be treated in the strongest terms and banned for life.”

Tuesday May 12th
Celtic/IRA supporter revealed as Aaron "Anzie" Laing, 21, the boyfriend of Ellis Paterson, the daughter of Celtic manager Gordon Strachan's sister.

Daily Record has quotes from people who know Aaron "Anzie" Laing.
"I'm told Anzie has become a regular on the bus but most folk reckon he's a bit of a p***k.
"He's a loudmouth and wears pro- IRA T-shirts. I saw him at the last game at Pittodrie and he was wearing an IRA T-shirt that said, 'Undefeated Army'.

The Scottish Sun has a quote from Aaron claiming “Even though I’m ashamed about it, it’s not a sectarian flag. The British Army are a lot worse than that.”

He added: “I was very drunk. I found the flag at the side of the seat.
“It was a moment of drunken stupidity. I regret it completely. I’m ashamed.
“I shouldn’t have picked it up, but in the heat of the moment I did."

Hours later On Celtic supporters site thehuddleboard.com Aaron "Anzie" Laing admits to painting IRA flag and taking it to Ibrox.
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