Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Muted media reaction to Celtic fans terrorist display

Earlier, a contingent of Celtic's support had produced a selection of banners depicting William Wallace and Bobby Sands asking, among other things, about "the terrorist or the dreamer". Uefa may well take a dim view of such expression, should it deem it political. Those who offered it presumably failed in a day-release request from their time warp.


It was a bracing night for Celtic, who might also face punishment from Uefa for a banner briefly unveiled by fans in a corner of the stadium where the Green Brigade gathers before kick-off, and which made a comparison between William Wallace and IRA hunger striker Bobby Sands.


Up in the stands, Celtic had other worries to contend with, notably the antics of the Green Brigade, who are now pushing Celtic to the extremes of embarrassment and likely trouble.

The Green Brigade have a faction who are determined to score public points about Irish Republicanism and the IRA.

Anyone who delves into these football club/political narratives, on display all over Europe, knows how complicated they are. But one aspect is not complicated at all - trouble brews for Celtic whenever this group of supporters goes down this road.

On Tuesday the Green Brigade displayed further words and images that will have made Peter Lawwell, the Celtic CEO, squirm in his seat.

Graham Spiers, Blogger, The Herald
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