Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Celtic fans bigoted IRA chanting slammed

By Tom English, at Celtic Park
Published on Saturday 29 October 2011 23:52

For Celtic, everything was flat, oh so flat. The atmosphere, until the emotion at the end, was as blah as it gets. For the longest time the only noise in the place emanated from those angry sons of Eireann, those stand-up patriots in the Green Brigade who had banged out two glorifications of the IRA within the first nine minutes and followed it up with further guff later on, some standard, and jaded, stick for the SFA and a highly mature take on the government’s secetarianism legislation that required Alex Salmond depositing it where the sun don’t shine. Now that Peter Lawwell is supposedly taking a hard line on these things he might want to have words. It’s not like he needs a compass to find them.
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