Tuesday, November 11, 2008


"Celtic were heavily criticised for sanctioning a minute's applause at the weekend and not all of it came from fans of other teams. Some of their own support are unhappy at the manner in which they handled such a sensitive issue.

Tommy Taylor, Alloa, said: "On the day so many acts of bravery should be remembered it is sad that Celtic's attitude will be remembered as an act of cowardice."

James Malloy, Lincoln, said: "I came up for the game and felt like leaving after 10 minutes, I was so disgusted by the fans who protested. Some of the stuff going on is ridiculous and it is appalling and embarrassing. There should be a statement from the club condemning these people."

Joe Fitzpatrick, Fife, said: "I am a Celtic fan and proud of where the club came from but this has gone too far and I point the finger at Peter Lawwell and John Reid. They have turned Celtic Park into some kind of Irish theme park on matchdays and it is not a 'cosy' Irishness either.

"I fully expect guys to be dressed as leprechauns manning the turnstiles in the near future. We need to rein this in - I don't want to see it at my club."

David White, Erskine, said: "Jim Traynor's article about the minute's applause at Parkhead was spot-on. Every ground had a minute's silence apart from Celtic Park and the club should come out and tell us why. Is Reid frightened some of his club's supporters would have let them down? He ought to get his house in order."

Sam Edgar, Dunfermline, said: "I am disgusted by the minute's applause. After 90 years of silent tribute, what they did was demeaning and whoever made the decision to do that should apologise to the British Legion."

Sam Veitch, Yorkshire, said: "Only in Scotland could Armistice Day become a football issue. But the SPL made it that way by insisting every club wore poppies on their shirts. The argument over the minute's silence or minute's applause stemmed from Hearts fans, when some of them couldn't keep quiet during the silence for the death of the Pope."

James Forsyth, Antrim, said: "What were the police doing when the protesters outside Parkhead were singing their songs in support of the IRA? I hope Celtic ban the fans who walked out of the stadium to support them."
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